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10 Biggest Home Improvement Ideas Making A Splash Right Now- I Love #09

Looking for some inspirational home improvement ideas that can give a glam makeover to your old and boring place? If so, you don’t need to wait longer or research harder, I have compiled a list of some amazing ideas that can help you achieve a dream makeover which is not expensive, and right according to the latest trends.

AmbreenSajjad 9 months ago

5 Funny Gif’s Of Cats Having Fun On Wood Flooring

Cuddly, fluffiest, darn-cute, full of fun and mischief- yes, I am talking about none other than one of the most lovable creatures on Earth- Cats! These little animals catch our affection and gratitude in every situation. Especially when you see your cat dropping on the ground and roll its back on the floor, it looks super cute and you couldn’t resist touching and holding them in your arms. Nurturing your cat is a beautiful act of love and providing them comfortable flooring is something which these little creatures love most. So, today you might feel more love for your cat as I am going to show you some lovable and funny Gifs of cats rolling on the wooden floors.

AmbreenSajjad 10 months ago

Pinterest Has Just Revealed Top Home Renovation Trends For 2019

Pinterest has shared some biggest predictions that can transform the home improvement industry and may offer some exciting ideas to grace our homes in a new style. Pinterest experts have recently compiled a list of top trends by looking at the total number of searches associated with specific term-which have had over the last 12 months. Their research was based on keywords included "mustard yellow trends" and "indoor and outdoor fireplaces". Here is a list of top interior design trends which are expected to follow this year

AmbreenSajjad 11 months ago

The African Startups Have Raised $168.6 Million In 2018 Than Last Year

2018 is turning out to be the best year for African Startups in terms of funding. They have completed more than 118 deals their funding ratio has reached $168.6 million which successfully surpassed $167.7 million of last year. The results are revealed through a report by WeeTracker.

AmbreenSajjad One year ago