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    5 Funny Gif’s Of Cats Having Fun On Wood Flooring

    Cuddly, fluffiest, darn-cute, full of fun and mischief- yes, I am talking about none other than one of the most lovable creatures on Earth- Cats! These little animals catch our affection and gratitude in every situation. Especially when you see your cat dropping on the ground and roll its back on the floor, it looks super cute and you couldn’t resist touching and holding them in your arms. Nurturing your cat is a beautiful act of love and providing them comfortable flooring is something which these little creatures love most. So, today you might feel more love for your cat as I am going to show you some lovable and funny Gifs of cats rolling on the wooden floors.

    Does your cat love vacuum cleaner?

    Most of the cats hate this big ‘monster’ like creature called vacuum cleaner. And these little animals try to hide when they hear such scary noise which sucks up everything right in front of them. However, the cat showing in the gif is an exception. And I think it’s the bravest cat alive as she is feeling very comfortable being rolled with the vacuum cleaner.

    A high jump on a hardwood floor without losing balance!

    Jumping high and landing on the floor with the same confidence is something which is hard to believe about cats. Because it’s very difficult to maintain the balance on your newly finished hardwood floor. But this type of flooring seems quite durable as the cat feels much comfortable doing this.

    Cat spotting the dot and cleaning the wooden floor:

    Spot the Dot is the best trick applied by many homeowners as it helps them keep their wood floors clean and clear. Many homeowners also feel worried about the scratches if their cats do this, and yes this is some serious point of concern. But let suppose, if your cat has ever done that and damaged the floors, then you could save big bucks by approaching local flooring contractors and get ideas about latest trend and techniques to restore the floor.

    The drifting cat that loves repeating ‘Tokyo Drift’ actions:

    You have had must watch ‘Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift’, but when you let your cat watching this movie, your cat might perform the same drifting actions just like in the gif. The wooden flooring material seems so slippery, perfectly finished and adorned which is helping the cat to perform such brave movements.

    The camouflage cat:

    Do you know chameleon is not the only animal that has skilled the art of camouflage? If you have ever seen the Camouflage Cat, then you might know that this little creature has also able to do it efficiently. How? Just observe that slow movement of cat and the color of that wooden box the cat has selected for its rescue. It’s perfectly matching with the hue of the floor. Well done little animal!

    As compared to dogs, cats have smaller brains and smaller body. But when it comes to intelligence and smartness, cats are incomparable. With above gif’s you might get an idea of how they can defend themselves and get your attention, but when you provide them comfortable flooring, you can see more excitement in their movements and daily activities. The proofs are shown above!

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