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16 Emotions Every South Indian Who Grew Up In North India Has Felt

You're either "too south Indian" or "too north Indian" ALL THE DAMN TIME.

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1. Anxiety hits you hard whenever someone starts drilling you about your ancestral roots.

2. And you get confused about your own identity, whenever someone remarks you don't look south Indian enough.

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3. Somehow people always presume you effin' suck at Hindi.

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4. But you always throw they off balance with your fluency.

5. Everyone assumes you love rice just because you're a south Indian.

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6. Even when you've told people thousand times that you solely worship phulka rotis.

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7. No one buys your fondness for Bollywood.

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8. Or the fact that you like knocking around in pajamas more than a mundu.

9. People don't realize how hard it is for you to NOT speak in multiple languages in a daily conversation.

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10. Because it's not your fault that you're trilingual (AT THE VERY LEAST) at any point of time in life.

11. During stress, your brain prefers to sing "Bolo Tara Ra Ra" rather than "Appadi Podu", as many would like to believe.

12. Also, your happy dance includes you doing Bhangra moves along with your kuthu.

13. You always either "too south Indian" for your northie friends or "too north Indian" for your south Indian pals.

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14. Or worse, you always get called "Madrasi" by ignorant dumbos around you.

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15. And your friends expect you to interpret words that are clearly not your native tongue.

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16. Despite of all the crap you get, you know you'd never ever like to live your life any other way.

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