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16 Pieces Of Faltu Gyaan That Will Pretty Much Blow Your Mind

If you collect your farts for six years and nine months straight, you can create enough energy for an atomic bomb.

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1. In 2016, Mumbai Police fed a thief 40 bananas to make him excrete a gold chain that he had stolen and swallowed later to cover his crime.

2. There's a village in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh called Nagar.

3. Birds never pee.

4. If you eat an apple, onion, and potato with your nose plugged, you'd realise that they all taste the same.


5. Boanthropy is a serious psychological disorder where a person thinks they are a cow or an ox.


6. Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories.

7. Everyone has unique tongue prints just like their finger prints.


8. There is a kind of honey made in Nepal called Mad Honey that can trigger hallucinations.

9. Elephants are known to make friends, bury their dead, travel for funerals, and speak to each other.


10. "Getting Bangalored" is real phrase which means losing one's job to outsourcing in India.

11. It's way easier for a homosexual couple in India to rent an apartment as opposed to an unmarried straight one.

12. The number of people who take the IIT-JEE any given year is larger than the population of Bhutan.

13. When Shah Rukh Khan made his Bollywood debut, Anushka Sharma was 4, Deepika Padukone was 6, and Katrina Kaif was 8. All three of them have romanced him on screen.

14. You can find McDonald's in every continent, except in Antarctica.

15. The reason why bananas are curved is because they grow towards the sun.

16. And if you consistently collect your farts for six years and nine months straight, you can produce enough gas to create enough energy for an atomic bomb.