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    Posted on 30 Jan 2018

    14 Literary Gifts You Can Get For Your Book-Loving Friends

    The best way to a bookworm's heart is by gifting them one of these.

    1. Book-inspired jewellery.

    Get A Game of Thrones inspired necklace from Amazon for ₹300.

    2. A clock that remind bibliophiles of their love.


    You can buy this vinyl clock for ₹2,228.

    3. Literary soy candles.

    Get this from the Etsy store for ₹2,355.

    4. Tote bags with your fave icons.


    Get this shipped from Etsy for ₹1,196.

    5. Mobile covers that can touch every string of our hearts.

    Get The Fault in Our Stars mobile cover for ₹450 and the Shakespeare Back Cover for ₹399.

    6. Comfy literary pillows.


    Buy it for ₹509.

    7. A book-themed dress.


    Ship the item for ₹4,138.

    8. Fragrant perfume oils inspired by literary geniuses.

    Buy this for ₹1,588.

    9. Socks and scarves displaying our inherent pride.

    Souled Store

    Get the Harry Potter themed socks for ₹1,346 and the Jane Austen-inspired scarf for ₹1,719.

    10. Metal bookmarks that every reader should stock.


    Ship it for ₹1,464.

    11. Badges that melt our hearts.

    Souled Store

    Get these from Souled Store for ₹49.

    12. Literature-inspired coffee mugs.


    Get it for ₹1,846.

    13. Book posters to brighten our dull walls.


    Purchase it from Etsy for ₹3,565.

    14. Cookie cutters for book-loving bakers.


    You can buy A Game of Thrones inspired cookie cutter set for ₹2,101.

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