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    18 Aggravating TV Problems Only Canadians Could Understand

    Our home and native TV land.

    1. Falling in love with a show, only to have it cancelled when it does poorly in the U.S.

    2. Or when our hits thrive in the States, except under weird new names.

    3. When BBC America takes ALL the credit for Orphan Black.

    4. Until a new rule comes into effect next year, this is the only way to watch all of the multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials.

    5. Thanks to regional blackouts, we can't always watch the big game.

    If @MLB is serious about expanding to new and young fans, perhaps they should reexamine the ridiculous "regional" blackouts.

    6. Our taxes go into making reality shows like this.

    7. Don Cherry.

    He's not everyone's Canadian hero.

    8. When our version of McDreamy left Saving Hope to star solely in The Originals.

    9. When you can't watch the final season of Community on Yahoo!.

    10. And when Transparent is only available on streaming service Shomi.

    11. But then there's trying to figure out the whole Shomi-versus-CraveTV thing.

    12. Speaking of, Canadian Netflix is nowhere near as comprehensive as the U.S. one.

    13. We have no idea how to DVR something. PVRing, however, is our jam.

    14. To us, Amazon Prime is a glorified shipping service.

    15. This is the Canadian version of Ryan Seacrest. Meet Ben Mulroney. He hosts everything.

    16. We'll never be on Survivor, one of the country's highest-rated shows.

    17. There is no more TV Guide in Canada to tell us what's on when. This makes finding our shows even harder.

    18. And finally, Canadian broadcasters have to base their entire fall schedules on the U.S. one in order to retain viewers.