15 Questions Your Southern Family Asks After You Come Out As A Bisexual Woman

    Pass the potatoes and who's the man?

    1. "Is this because of _____?"

    2. "What about that guy from high school?"

    3. "Why would you do this to me?"

    4. "Should I have just not put you in softball?"

    5. "But what about the... ya know... s-e-x?"

    6. "Why can't you just wait for the right MAN to come along?"

    7. "Aww, honey. You know you're pretty right?"

    8. "Does your Mimi/Mamaw/Southern Grandma Name know?"

    9. "What are the (Insert Family Friend's Name)'s going to think?"

    10. "But I thought you wanted to have kids?"

    11. "I saw your life playing out so differently. I wanted to walk you down the aisle."

    12. "Ok, but which gender do you like better?"

    13. "What about people at church/synagogue/mosque? What do we tell them if they ask?"

    14. "But if you date a woman, you're obviously gonna be the girl in the relationship, right?"

    15. "Are you sure?"

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