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    • amandas4110496f6

      Never went away, bro. The whole restaurant has been going downhill since its creation in 1988. The Bloomin Onion, the theme of Australia was never anything but that. A theme. Outback Steakhouse, at its core, was an upscale dining establishment where you could be with you friends and just chill. I may have worded this incorrectly, but I believe the official motto is “you’re favorite place to eat, drink, and be with friends. The Australian theme was brought on as an idea for a chill atmosphere. The purple ceiling in the bar represents the big hill in the Australian Outback. The food was never authentic. This was never meant to be an authentic thing. They’ve fudged it up by getting greedy then bored. The originals sold the company so the passion fizzled out Now Outback Steakhouse’s, or should I say BLOOMIN’ BRANDS inc., CEO is the woman who invented Avon. She bought it. Not kidding. Look it up. I’m new to this participating thing so sorry if this is like everywhere. I know what I’m talking about, though.

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