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    • amandam95

      Asaraver, althoughIhaven’t been inawhile… this is hilarious! What is “cool” is always changing its definition.Ithink people getting emotional over this should chill out.
      1- This isn’t “expression” it’s people copying rave looks that have been around for years. Maybe it’s time for something fresh?
      2- This isn’t about insulting or being anti-color or music or dance. It’s just noting that maybe trends are changing… look at the DJs.
      3- It’s just clothes. Run-of-the-mill vanilla-y crazy, or actually crazy (as in wow! never seen that before!) or refreshing minimalism. If plastic beads are part of your psyche and what you consider to be the heart of the music and love, you are in your own bleak robotic world.

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