Amanda M.
The Quiet Observer. The watcher. But if you put me in my comfort zone.. you can watch me become more open and talkative. To sum it up, I'm a wallflower with social tendencies. I'm kinda nerdy. I love to learn new things. I find most thing...
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    • Amanda M.

      He’s been in our press more than once as NOPD has a lot of issues with our police force and he is a sign of hope that things are changing in NOLA. He’s been going and dancing every Mardi Gras for years now. (This next part is from Detective Winston Harbin, a 17-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department who grew up dancing to “Soul Train,” became an instant Internet sensation when his decidedly more modern moves were captured on video during Mardi Gras season festivities over the weekend,” wrote Ginny LaRoe in a recent story about dancing NOPD detective. Harbin was stationed on Canal Street for the Endymion parade Saturday when the hit single “Wobble” by rapper V.I.C. came on. And on Fat Tuesday, before the Zulu parade, Harbin joined an impromptu Cupid Shuffle to the delight of revelers in the area.

    • Amanda M.

      On long flights, I have nature sounds and calming music loaded onto my ipod to help me sleep better and drown out the sounds of everything around me. Nook/Kindle: for my work/school work/travel guides (better battery life than a laptop) Eye pillows are amazing.. having a jacket/hoodie. Slippers are also great. I always make copies of all my important documents in case my wallet is stolen and I need to cancel my credit card or deal with the passport issue.

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