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14 Super Subtle Ways To Let Her Know You're Queer

"By the way... I love vaginas."

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1. You might drop that you're super into an actor who just so happens to be queer.

2. Or wear your fave stereotypically "gay" outfit around them.

3. If that doesn't work, telling them what kind of music you like never hurts.

4. Or you can start reminiscing on your long nail days.

5. You might drop some hints that you should join a softball league.

6. Or shout out your favorite movie with a queer storyline.

7. Telling them your ideal weekend plans is a nice subtle hint.

8. Or sharing the TV couples who you ship... even if they were never actually a couple.

9. Maybe you'll use food as a metaphor for another thing you love.

10. Or talk about your favorite celebrity power couple.

11. If all else fails, you could bring up your ex.

12. Or, go with a more direct approach.

13. Or an even MORE direct approach.

14. And then there's always this: