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    31 Things From Walmart To Help Make Your Apartment A Better Place To Live In

    These cute and functional decor items will help make apartment living an Instagram-worthy breeze.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A metal garment rack so a) you have a stylish solution if you don't have a closet (or just a really small one) b) you can show off your favorite outfits as creative decor and c) make your apartment instantly look a little more put-together.

    The metal rack holding several pieces of clothing

    Promising review: This item is great. It is strong, but relatively lightweight. One person can handle putting it together. What a great rack for storing extra clothes." —Joe

    Price: $44.97

    2. A modern coffee table, because this is perfect for showing off candles and your morning coffee. Plus! It also works as a snazzy WFH setup.

    Light wood two tier coffee table

    Promising review: "I loved the coffee table so much we got the console table as well. Super happy with the set. Totally completed my living room." —Jen

    Price: $52

    3. Joy!, a lovely coffee table book, that's sure to spark joy (and also give visitors something to peruse through while you run out to pick up the take-out).

    Black and white coffee table book with yellow font.

    I personally own this book and can say it's a ~joy~ to flip through.

    Price: $5.75

    4. A snazzy retro fridge that'll add some impressively vintage-looking decor, and will also be great for storing face masks, skincare, sodas, and cold brews galore.

    Blue old-time fridge atop a wooden table

    Promising review: "Great little fridge, bigger than a normal-sized mini-fridge, smaller than an apt size fridge. This was perfect for food overflow during the coronavirus! Very sleek looking throwback design. Came in great condition--no dents or breaks from shipping (packaged well!)." —Tricia

    Price: $99.00

    5. A set of three rustic hanging shelves for showing off your favorite succulents or cute new ~artsy~ prints.

    Mounted floating wooden shelves

    Promising review: "The size and price were perfect!" —Michael

    Price: $32.99

    6. A metal multi-shelf bookcase so you can stack it high with books or go for that whole modern sculpture/picture frame/marble accent pieces set-up.

    Metal and wood bookshelf

    Promising review: "Really beautiful. Not too difficult to put together, just time consuming. But its more than worth it!" —Kelsey

    Price: $189

    7. A fun retro-style toaster in this cute as heck robin's egg blue to add a nice pop of color against your usual kitchen metals — plus, it's really roomy with two toast slots.

    Robins egg blue two-slot toaster

    Promising review: "We just bought it but so far it's easy to use and very pleasant to look at. My mother loves it. I hope it's a good toaster for years to come." — Julia

    Price: $27.19

    8. A set of fancy storage bins so you can hide all the junk mail you've been getting, but still look like you've got your life in order.

    White quilted faux-leather storage bins

    Promising review: "They are perfect, just like the picture and very spacious." —Fina

    Price: $18.88

    9. A shiny mirrored tray that'll make everything look fancier when placed atop your dresser or coffee table for a functional dash of luxury.

    Wood square tray with mirror bottom

    Promising review: "This complements our leather sectional. It's an eye-catcher, elegant and I love the glass bottom. It ties in well with our oakwood end tables." —Tiffany

    Price: $24.96

    10. A stately golden bookshelf to impress your friends with your elegant taste (and to display all your worldly possessions).

    Seven-shelf metal frame bookcase

    Promising review: "These shelves are gorgeous. Because they were on sale, I got two. They are sturdy without being bulky." —Rebecca

    Price: $149.99

    11. A pair of charmingly quirky animal-themed bookends, because it's the little things that count (and these are pup ones add cuteness to every shelf).

    Labrador shaped bookends

    Promising review: "These are true to the photo. Nice and sturdy, without being too heavy. Really cute, too." —Cindy

    Price: $26.72

    12. A velvet accent chair that'll instantly transport you to a smoky late-night jazz club, where you're oh-so relaxed and too busy sipping on a martini.

    Pink velvet chair with gold posts

    Promising review: "Loved it! It is so soft and comfy. No complaints." —Joyce

    Price: $159.70

    13. A cute side table for sprucing up any living room area. Plus, there's extra storage space for magazines, that long-lost remote control, and snacks (of course).

    Wooden side table with white legs and fabric storage bin below

    Promising review: "I love this little table. It's the perfect height, size, and very good quality. They should make different colors, so I can buy more." —Jamie

    Price: $105.43

    14. A stack of faux-fur throws — you should get as many you want, because they're soft and easy to cozy up with. Hello, updating any old couch.

    Stack of faux-fur throws

    Promising review: "Love them! I bought two they are so soft and nice size!" —Lori

    Price: $47.50 each

    15. A few fancy candle holders, because these'll make your kitchen table feel dinner party-ready 24/7.

    Set of three tiered glass candle holders

    Price: $59.99

    16. A luxurious vanity table and mirror combo that'll make getting ready for your daily work Zoom call a breeze.

    Modern white vanity set up

    Promising review: "My 14-year-old just love love love this vanity, to go with her new decor for her room. Its beautiful, good quality and worth the price!" — EastBoogie2

    Price: $187.33

    17. A smiling avocado light because it's cheerful, fun, tiny, and provides really happy mood lighting.

    Avocado shaped ambient light

    Promising review: "Super cute. Surprisingly bright. Well made. I've ordered more with the butta toast ambient light for my grands." —Becky

    Price: $11.99

    18. A multi-purpose coffee table for making storage a breeze, plus, it has ample storage space and will look super nice in just about any living room.

    Lift-top dark wood coffee table

    Promising review: "I love this table. Best thing for my small-ish condo, and it is great for eating in front of TV, put computer at a better level, store stuff out of sight, etc. Table is sturdy and lifts easily. Putting legs on was awkward, make sure you have good lighting. I got the oak color and it looks nice in my living room." — Barbara

    Price: $100

    19. A decorative wicker tray, because this is perfect for fruit, plants, jewelry or you know…anything at all.

    Natural woven basket

    Promising review: "I am obsessed with this tray — it is so versatile. I had originally purchased with the intention of using it for entertaining (serving chips or crackers, etc.), but it looked so nice that I've used it as a catch-all tray in my bedroom for a few cosmetics that are used every day." —Molly

    Price: $14.88

    20. A sleek dish rack so you have that extra push to do your dishes more often without this taking up much space on your kitchen counter.

    The gold kitchen rack

    Promising review: "Very beautiful and great quality! " —Lara

    Price: $29.99

    21. A set of tea-sized patterned drawers that'll look so cute on a counter or set atop a dresser as hold-all storage.

    The floral and quaintly patterned mini drawer set

    Promising review: "This piece is absolutely beautiful. It is a very generous size with nice big ceramic drawers. It is well-made and painted so beautifully. The drawers slide in and out with ease and there is a stopper that keeps the drawers from falling out. This would make a wonderful gift for someone or for yourself! I am very pleased with this purchase. I would buy again." —Linda

    Price: $29.99

    22. A fancy arched metal mirror, aka you'll get ~Anthro-inspired~ decor for less — plus, it's a great way to check your outfit before you head out the door (or take a mirror selfie).

    Curved top mirror with metal planes

    Promising review: " This mirror is quite heavy; a substantial piece with beveled edges. Incredible quality and price." —Kelly

    Price: $215.43

    23. A flower-themed coffee maker for a great way to get your caffeine fix and really, it's the best (and only way) to start your day off right.

    Single-serve coffee maker

    Promising review: "I am so happy with this coffee maker! I’m glad it has the two options of a K-Cup or coffee grounds! It works great! It’s also very pretty! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone." —Sara

    Price: $39.99

    24. A chic, multi-use speaker that's also an essential oil diffuser, because this'll be great for dance parties and calming aromatherapy sessions alike.

    Ambient light and oil diffuser

    Promising review: "Love this product! Great features that are just what I wanted and needed. It is as good as described, if not better. Very relaxing sights, sounds and smells." —Blouellete

    Price: $69.99

    25. A plaid area rug for cottage-core vibes galore — it's interesting yet neutral enough to work into any room.

    Medium-sized white and black patterned area rug

    Promising review: "I am absolutely obsessed with this rug, it is super high quality! It is my favorite rug that I've gotten from Walmart. I love that it is patterned but not overwhelming, it fits in really well with my neutral decor. As a big bonus, it is super soft and cozy on your feet. I purchased this rug and was compensated for leaving a review." —Liz Marie

    Price: $128.70

    26. A round, tufted ottoman, because this'll look great no matter what but with hidden storage space, it's really a no-brainer for small spaces.

    Round ottoman with removable lid

    Promising review: "Love this so much, I got two for my living room! Perfect for propping my feet up and storing throws and pillows. Easy to put together, just had to add the feet." —Debbie

    Price: $75.99

    27. Lightweight long curtains, because these will look beautiful in the breeze and catch the light like a dream.

    Crushed voile white long hanging curtains

    Promising review: "Look great under my blackout curtains, let in the sun but still give daytime privacy! I tossed them in the dryer with some wet rags for 20 minutes to get out the initial creases — perfect!" —Mumsy

    Price: $6.96

    28. A win-win set of faux-leather reversible pillows that a) look cool b) got rave reviews and c) can easily be switched to the neutral beige side.

    Faux-leather pillows with reversible sides

    Promising review: "I LOVE these pillows. I ordered two for my living room. I'll probably order more for our master. They are beautiful and so reasonably priced." —Gabby

    Price: $14.88

    29. A white wood lantern for adding to the rustic, cabin theme we've got goin' on; just stack ‘em on a side table and you’re good to go.

    White wood and metal lantern

    Promising review: "I love these lanterns...I put them on the stairs for some night lighting when we have our fire pit going. I added two glass votive holders and put tea lights in them. I then cut some twigs off of my balsam bush and added it to the bottom. They are beautiful." —Sarah

    Price: $16.92

    30. A set of botanical-inspired prints, because these'll pale in comparison to this herb-themed gallery wall.

    Fern printed  wall art in set of four

    Promising review: "Wow, what a deal! I put this artwork in my kitchen and I think it is so cute because it highlights Herbs we commonly cook with. The frame is really unique and it's kind of like a raw finish, very organic. I think this is a screaming deal because you get four pieces of art. I put mine all together but I would totally sprinkle one of these into a gallery wall if I ever change up my other wall decor." —RB

    Price: $64

    31. A modern light fixture for making everything look a bit more classy. Like a jazzy parlor of times past, this wall piece adds light and ambience galore.

    Brass and glass globe light fixture

    Promising review: "Found this sconce and fell head over heels. Great customer service. Arrived in a blink of an eye. Super easy to install. Love them is an understatement. Pricey, but I'll have them forever. Hot tip: buy a cable track to trim out the wire and paint your wall color. The scallop on the brass with the globe is straight-up ooh la la." —Cynthia L

    Price: $99.99

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