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    If You're Bored With How Your Home Looks, These 30 Walmart Products Will Take Care Of That

    Time to stop staring at the same stuff every. single. day.

    1. A juicer that has the look of a gorgeous 1950s appliance but with the modern features of something high-tech. With five speed settings, you'll get delicious juice in a matter of seconds and its design will have you looking for any excuse to make it.

    The juicer in blue making apple juice

    2. A mushroom lamp to add a warm ambiance and unique look to the home. A talking point for sure, its cute little stout body gives a nice glow to any (and if you're like us, many) late-night bingeing sessions.

    The mushroom lamp on a table

    3. A wall tapestry that looks homey and well-crafted all without actually having to learn how to do ~all of that.~ We don't always cut corners but when it looks this good, it's worth it.

    The tapestry hanging on a wall

    4. An accent chair for added seating that won't take up too much space or look out of place. Choose your color, toss a funky throw pillow on it, and revitalize your space with almost zero effort.

    The accent chair in a living room

    5. A set of ceramic vases that will add a perfect accent to the room with or without plants in it. Their curvaceous shape and bespoke design will make them look straight out of a museum, and the best part? You don't have to leave your house to admire them.

    The vase set in a window

    6. A plush fleece throw blanket that looks and feels amazing on any surface you lug it to (like when you've finally decided to move from the couch to the bed late at night). In fact, it's so soft and cozy, you might never leave its side (we don't judge).

    The throw over a couch

    7. A set of vintage-inspired embossed goblets to take your dining experience to the next level. A simple glass of water never looked so classy — with these, you'll reach your daily intake in no time. Your doctor can thank us later. ;)

    The glasses in rose on a table

    8. A set of woven fringed placemats for instantly zhushing up the dining room table. Their farmhouse-cozy look will make them the most stylish safety net for even the messiest of eaters.

    The placemat on a table

    9. An area rug that catapults color into the room in the most muted and friendly way. The design is enough to draw attention, but not so much that you hear the dreaded "oh wow" from guests — just the slightly envious "where'd you get that?" instead.

    The area rug on the ground

    10. A bar cabinet with a wine rack to act as a jack-of-all-trades kind of storage solution. If a bar cart seems excessive but a little bit of wine storage would be helpful, this cabinet is for you.

    The bar cabinet next to a lamp

    11. A linen tablecloth to instantly turn your dining room into the newest farm-to-table restaurant in the neighborhood. Even if tonight's menu consists solely of instant ramen, at least it'll be served in style.

    The tablecloth on the table

    12. A set of modular pantry organizers that will take your pantry (or fridge) to celebrity-status organization. A small step that can transform your kitchen in ways that will make you wonder, "who lives in this fabulous place?" (The answer is you.)

    The modular bins storing produce

    13. A chic coffee maker with a gorgeous matte finish. You'll feel like you're in the future with its state-of-the-art look and amenities. Most importantly, it will provide you with the energy nectar we all need.

    The coffee maker on a kitchen counter

    14. A set of measuring cups so darling and well-crafted you won't even want to put them away after each use. You'll be going door to door asking if anyone needs a cup of sugar with these fabulous additions.

    The measuring cup set on a counter

    15. A set of kitchen towels that easily Velcro around the oven handle so you're not constantly readjusting them after every use, or worse — dropping them on the floor mid-cooking. HOW did it take so long to think of this? And HOW soon can these be at my door?

    The towels hanging from the oven handle

    16. A white-framed floor-length mirror aka a perfect filler for an empty space in the room. It adds a modern feel and can act as the perfect opportunity to outfit-check before you leave for work.

    The mirror in the corner of the living room

    17. A set of wood and cork coasters beyond just the generic-looking ones of days past. These have a unique and crafted design that can go with any table and look like something from a local goodie shop but without that exorbitant price tag.

    The coasters collected except for one under a cup of coffee

    18. A garment rack with added storage shelves that is modern and well-built to give a lofty, New York City apartment vibe to your bedroom, even if you're thousands of miles away from there. It's also perfect for your partner's clothes if they're starting to take up too much space in your closet.

    The garment rack stocked with clothes and accessories

    19. A set of curtain string lights if you want to add a cosmic ~mystic~ feel to the room after a long day. It's remote-controlled and can turn a boring night at home into something romantic, or a dinner party into something that induces FOMO.

    The lights displayed outside on a patio

    20. A C-shaped end table to use for all the reasons you might need something sturdy while on the couch. House your laptop, do the crossword, work on arts and crafts, eat your dinner, set down your coffee (or wine) — this table moves around easily and will be your best friend in no time.

    The C-shaped table in front of a chair

    21. A bathroom accessory set that looks elegant and feels expensive, even though it is actually quite affordable. You'll feel like you're in one of those restrooms where you have to tip someone once you've dried your hands...maybe just tip yourself for having such great taste. 😉

    The teal bathroom accessory kit on the counter

    22. A small storage ottoman for when you don't want to purchase a massive one that needs to be strategically placed just to fit in your living room. Light and easy to move, it will be subtle as the lights dim, the movie starts, and you want to put your feet up without having to share (and maybe stash an extra blanket you don't have to share either).

    The storage ottoman housing a blanket

    23. A set of dishwasher magnets that look cute and won't have you opening your dishwasher and looking around to figure out...is it clean? Is it dirty? *Sniffs the dishes.* Hey, we've all been there. This addition will give you answers all while looking good.

    The dishwasher signs on display

    24. A set of food storage jars so sleek you'll probably just leave them out for display. With their glass design, you'll never wonder which contains what and the wooden lid adds a boho touch without feeling too themed. Add this to the list of things we never knew we needed.

    The storage jars on a counter

    25. A TV stand that comes with exposed storage and is the perfect place for those framed photos, coffee table books, and travel souvenirs. Plus, it can also house those unsightly gaming consoles and Wi-Fi routers (they're going to be in there no matter what so you might as well make 'em look good).

    The tv stand with a tv on it

    26. An accent pillow that looks good, feels good, and does good. It'll *brighten* your days and turn your home into a warm, joyous haven and give your visitors another reason to smile.

    The accent pillow on a couch

    27. A scented candle that will transport you to a new place through its fresh, warm and relaxing smell (or at least make you feel like you've been transported). No amount of pet hair or kitchen odors can stop this candle from turning the room into a garden oasis.

    The spring sunshine candles

    28. An indoor doormat that splashes you in color the moment you walk into your home, setting a good mood. It doubles as a gentle reminder to all guests to treat your space with care and to make your usually muddy entryway almost unrecognizable.

    The doormat at the entrance of the house in red

    29. A prater basket planter that will combine your green thumb and good eye for design to create a perfect addition to any room. It elevates (literally and figuratively) your plants, making you the best plant mom as you give them first-class treatment.

    A plant in the planter

    30. A coffee table that looks straight out of the living room of one of those home decorating magazines that you look at with starry eyes. Its 4.9-star rating and high praise will make clicking add-to-cart nearly instantaneous.

    The coffee table in the center of the room

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