18 Things You’re Only Afraid Of If You Live In Geneva

Spring, summer, winter, fall. In Geneva, there is something creepy about them all.

1. Yet another fondue. Or worse: Malakoffs a go-go

3. A knock at the door from the Billag man

4. Out of town guests who thought Geneva would be a fascinating place to visit

5. Buying stamps

6. Marzipan vegetables

7. Swiss reds

8. Being invited to a party in France

9. Finding a bag of ice

10. Six month contract extensions

11. Bains des Paquis

12. Buying a tram ticket

13. Concerts that end at 10:30

14. Dogs in the office. Dogs in restaurants.

15. Going to the US and being offered Hershey’s chocolate

16. Hissing swans

17. 80 franc mai tais at the Kempinski

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