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Baby Animals You Want To Take Home, But Will Inevitably Destroy Your Life

Cuteness is not a multipurpose cleaner.

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This kitten is beside himself trying to make you love him.

tonsofcats / Via

He will also rub his adorable fluffy coat all over your nice pants, throw up on rugs that are especially tough to clean, and run all over your face just when you turn out the lights to go to sleep.

Come on, baby ducklings! How can you NOT take two?!

helen-lawrence / Via

Because they literally poop every time they take a step, and if you think putting them in a bathtub it cute, just wait 5 minutes and watch the water become a sewage system.

Oh now just stop it. A hedgehog with a dinosaur friend? Pack up the terrarium already!

holy cuteness / Via

Except they have needles for fur, and hardly come out of their spiny armor for anyone (except maybe this dinosaur). Really more like a breathing cactus than a pet. Makes a good weapon in a pinch though.

Who could say no to this awkward fluff ball?

abduzeedo / Via

Someone who understands that owls grow up to be means assholes who screech bloody murder, and throw up pellets made up of feathers, claws, and the bones of their many rodent prey.

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