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    27 Of The Best Tinted Moisturizers If You Love Beauty Products That Save You Time

    It's skincare, it's makeup, it's...both. Boom.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A universal tinted moisturizer formulated with the highest SPF on this list, using only skin-friendly ingredients. And don't be fooled by its beige color — this tinted moisturizer blends seamlessly into all skin tones. Yes, all skin tones! Magic? Maybe.

    reviewer selfie wearing tinted moisturizer, holding bottle
    product image of two bottles of the tinted moisturizer
    reviewer selfie wearing the tinted moisturizer

    Drmtlgy is a medical-grade skincare brand and small business creating skincare solutions that are backed by science.

    Shade range: universal shade for all skin tones

    SPF: 46

    Promising review: "I've been on a quest to find the perfect mix of a super sheer/blurring foundation that feels like skincare, that has SPF in it. It's a lot to ask out of one product, but I feel the DRMTLGY really covers all those bases. I like my natural skin and some imperfections to sneak through, but want my cheek redness toned down a hair. I'm so impressed with this product, it wears like skincare and gives a very light blur to the skin. It's perfect!" —Peaches

    Get it from Amazon for $24.94.

    2. Tower 28 tinted sunscreen and foundation made with clean ingredients and for sensitive skin, because what's better than a 2-in-1 product that causes 0 breakouts? (Nothing. The answer is nothing). 

    before and after of a model showing what them with and without the product on their face
    three models' arms with swatches of the product to show the different shades

    Shade range: 14 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 30

    Tower 28 is an Asian woman-owned clean skincare and beauty brand based in Santa Monica, California formulated for sensitive skin.

    Promising review: "I’m a huge fan of tinted moisturizers and skin tints in general and I was looking for one to my everyday use with an easy but buildable application and a formula with SPF so I could skip that step in my daily routine. This one was beyond my expectations! It’s a lightweight and provides a pretty good coverage that doesn’t feel heavy at all. The shade range is amazing. I have combination skin and it doesn’t cause me any breakouts. My skin feels natural but beautifully enhanced at the same time. The formula isn’t greasy but it provides the right amount of glow. It also SETS and lasts! Tower 28 doesn’t disappoint!!!" —Seamosluces

    Get it from Sephora for $30.

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    3. Wet n Wild tinted hydrator that's more affordable than you could ever dream of, super buildable, lightweight, and, most of all, looks like your healthiest skin.

    reviewer before and after. with and without the tinted hydrator
    a different reviewer wearing the tinted hydrator

    Shade range: 11 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "It’s crazy something as beautiful and high quality can be $4. I had my skepticism about this product but I love any product that is super light and natural. This tinted moisturizer is the most beautiful product I’ve ever put on my face. It is simply gorgeous. It’s super effortless to blend. This isn’t super sheer, it definitely gives enough color and coverage to balance discoloration, but it’s not full coverage. It is buildable but personally, I like the way it looks after blending once. I’m not picky about coverage either so I wasn’t focused on that. I recommend this to anyone who likes that natural no makeup makeup look. I recommend this to anyone who has been using CC creams, BB creams, skin tints, and tinted moisturizers. I recommend this to everyone to try it. It is literal perfection. I love it so much and it is less than affordable. $4 is such a steal for this gem." —Jillian French

    Get it from Amazon for $4.49+.

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    4. Nars tinted moisturizer formulated with vitamin C, giving you a little extra hit of brightness and keeping your skin boosted with that glowy, glazed-donut goodness that never goes out of style.

    before and after photos showing a model's face looking dewy and bright with the tinted moisturizer on
    product image of tinted moisturizers with dripping product
    Sephora, Nars

    Shade range: 16 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 30

    Promising review: "I absolutely adore this tinted moisturizer. I deal with a lot of blemishes and scarring, and this is perfect for the dewy look! It helps lessen the appearance of my acne and scarring while not completely covering it, which may sound weird because that’s usually the goal, but I like the character that it keeps. It doesn’t actively break me out which is fantastic because I have acne prone skin. It doesn’t feel heavy, and makes my skin look so much more radiant than it actually is! The one I bought about eight months ago is still mostly full which is totally awesome." —noehmeeruhnay

    Get it from Sephora for $46.

    5. A bestselling BareMinerals hydrating gel cream giving you that effortless dewy influencer look without having to feel like you're wearing a million layers of product on your face.

    four models' arms showing swatches of the different tinted moisturizer shades
    reviewer collage of first applying tinted moisturizer, than six hours later
    reviewer car selfie wearing the skin tint

    Shade range: 20 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 30

    Promising review: "I have sensitive skin. More importantly, as a mom of four boys I have very little time to get ready. This product left my skin feeling soft and looking DEWY not overly SHINY. I finished the look with some blush and a swipe of lip gloss. Took less than five minutes. I am ready for the ball field, date night and everywhere in between. This product is a GAME CHANGER for moms! 😜" —Jessica Jones

    Get it from Amazon for $25.46+ (available two sizes).

    6. A L'Oreal tinted serum with 1% hyularonic acid and a gorgeous formula full of slip, meaning it provides a nourishing skincare feel that still gives you a medium amount of coverage — an unlimited amount of wins, if you ask me.

    reviewer selfie wearing the serum foundation
    reviewer photo of the serum foundation on back of hand

    Shade range: 14 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "Finally found a 'foundation' in my skin tone: vampire. I have very light skin that is so pale it's genuinely translucent. Except I also have an insane amount of pink, which makes it that much harder to find anything that 'blends.' I needed something in the .5 range, and that is nearly impossible to find. Have tried many foundations in the lightest shade they produce, and they're ALWAYS too dark and too heavy. Just wanted something sheer, in my skin tone, that would soften some of my blotchiness and sun damage. THIS is it. AND it has hyaluronic, which makes me feel good about putting it on. My very sensitive allergy and acne-prone skin didn't break out or burn, and it looks natural on. Not enough coverage for pimply days, but great for every day. I actually hate makeup, but I like the confidence it gives me, and this is one of those products I actually enjoy wearing. Smooth this on, throw on some mascara, and I'm ready. PLEASE PLEASE never stop making this in .5 L'Oreal!" —T

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97+.

    7. Or this more conventional L'oreal tinted moisturizer with SPF that will make you throw away all your old foundations because it's so much nicer to not have a cake's worth of product on your face.

    reviewer photo holding the tube
    same reviewer selfie wearing the tinted moisturizer

    Shade range: 14 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 19

    Promising review: "Looks like I’m not wearing anything! Not as cakey as foundation and doesn’t cause acne on my face. Creates a smooth finish plus it has SPF. My go-to makeup if I feel like I need some." —Andrez & Jasmine

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+.

    8. An oil-free Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer reviewers say gives them the perfect demi-matte look and tons of shine control, even for users with the oiliest of oily skin.

    product image of three tinted moisturizers
    collage of before and after model, nutmeg shade
    Laura Mercier

    Shade range: 20 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 20

    Promising review: "This tinted moisturizer does everything I’ve never expected from it. It’s oil free and I have dry skin and it’s perfect. It goes on differently than foundation and then it dries to a beautiful luminous coverage but not overly shiny and it doesn’t settle in my laugh lines. It’s perfect for summer and I’m hoping that by purchasing a different color for the fall and winter that it looks and feels just as good." —anonymous

    Get it from Laura Mercier for $49.

    9. An Urban Decay tinted hydrator with a medium coverage in between a moisturizer and a foundation in case you're not a fan of the super sheer offerings out there, but still want that skincare feel.

    model holding bottle of Urban Decay hydrator
    model wearing the hydrator in shade Ultra Deep Neutral
    Urban Decay / Via, Target

    Shade range: 12 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "I have pretty oily skin so I was hesitant to buy it just judging by the name but honestly I love it so much! Just pat on some powder to cover the shine and as the day goes on it'll still look pretty good. There is a bit of shine but it's more of a glowy, dewy effect rather than greasy. I no longer wear foundation unless it's for a special occasion and I now ONLY wear this product whether it's going out or going to work. I also love that it's not full coverage and super lightweight. It's almost like your skin but better. I would highly recommend for my oily peeps!" —Eve

    Get it from Target for $29.

    10. An award-winning Ami Colé skin enhancing tint made to enrich the undertones found in melanin-rich skin, and available in six medium to dark shades that will blur your skin to high heaven. ✨

    model wearing skin tint in the shade RIch 1
    product image of skin tint and packaging
    Ami Colé

    Shade range: 12 shades (medium to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Ami Colé is a Black woman-owned small business based in Harlem, NY that makes clean makeup for melanin-rich skin.

    Promising review: "I don’t typically wear makeup but when I do it’s always a little bit of tinted moisturizer and transparent powder to finish off my look. I don’t like the heaviness of foundation and appreciate the light/natural feeling of a tinted moisturizer so I’ve pretty much experimented with all the different tinted moisturizers out on the market and I can easily say AMI COLE IS IT!!! I genuinely don’t think anything comes close to this formula that really feels like my skin!!! I don’t feel it on, it’s lightweight, natural and feels so hydrating. I’ve got tons of compliments about my skin glowing, and people often wonder if I have something on and that’s with two to three pumps across my face. If you need more coverage you can add on as described on the packaging, but I like a minimal natural look. The packaging is stunning in a beautiful bright orange box and the customer service is exceptional! The shade range is amazing even for nonBlack girls, but I’ve definitely recommended this to all my melanin-rich queens who have struggled to find brands that can accommodate their skin tones. Thank you for making a beautiful product I can always rely on, excited to see what more you have in store!" —Meriam J.

    Get it from Thirteen Lune for $32.

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    11. A Neutrogena tinted moisturizer containing retinol, which is an active ingredient clinically proven to improve acne, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, and prevent aging — a game changer for skincare nerds everywhere!

    reviewer selfie wearing the tinted moisturizer
    three arms swatched with all the shades

    Shade range: 6 shades (fair to medium)

    SPF: SPF 20

    Promising review: "I love this foundation! It so light and breathable, but adds just enough coverage to even out my skin tone. Having the option of a foundation that a) is affordable, b) includes SPF, and c) has retinol has been a total game changer. Yes, the coverage is light but I use a higher-coverage foundation if I’m going out or want to do a heavier look. Day to day, it gives me dewy, even skin and it’s been a great addition to my routine." —Hannah

    Get it from Amazon for $9.79+.

    12. An Honest Beauty tinted moisturizer, because the no-makeup makeup look is always going to be in, so you might as well stock up on your fave skincare-makeup hybrids now.

    product image, swatch of tinted moisturizer
    before and after of model wearing the shade Sahara
    Target, Honest Beauty

    Shade range: 9 shades (fair to medium-deep)

    SPF: 30

    Promising review: "I am extremely picky when it comes to skincare/makeup because I have sensitive, combination, and very acne prone skin. I also do not like when makeup creases, fades, or is high maintenance to apply. This literally checks every single box of what I look for in a tinted moisturizer. The biggest thing is it does NOT break me out. Whatsoever! The coverage is light to medium so on good skin days this could pass as a foundation for me. If I have significant redness doing on I do touch up with concealer but overall, it's really natural on!" —H

    Get it from Target for $19.99+.

    13. A tinted moisturizer containing murumuru seed butter, vitamin A, vitamin C, bio-retinol, rosehip oil, and the list of skin-loving ingredients goes on... you'll feel the huge difference between this and any grainy foundation as soon as you swipe it on.

    product image of bottles of the tinted moisturizer
    reviewer selfie wearing tinted moisturizer in the car

    Shade range: 13 shades (fair to medium-deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "I love this brand! A small drop goes a long way for very nice coverage. No it's not going to hide moles or bad acne, but for someone like me who has a lot of redness, it normalizes my skin tone tremendously! I love how even and not red it makes my skin. I normally hate wearing makeup but this is great, feels just like a cream. Perfect for not looking like a troll on zoom meetings and very suitable for everyday wear. Love this product! Only regret is that I found it at age 33; this would have been a godsend in my teens and 20s." —Veeka

    Get it from Amazon for $19.20+.

    14. A Maybelline Fit Me tinted moisturizer ensuring you can skip a step during your makeup routine, which, as any lazy person such as myself can tell you, is of the utmost importance.

    reviewer photo squeezing out tinter moisturizer onto finger
    reviewer selfie wearing the tinted moisturizer

    Shade range: 16 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "Ok....I've tried more than a couple....all I want is to even out my tone a bit with no cakey crap or stuff settling in my wrinkles. Gross. This takes one minute...just one. Squirt a tad in hand and finger it on your face. This is light and sheer, doesn't make the spots disappear but it absolutely does blend my face color to just one, rather than obvious polka dots. I really like it. Threw all the others away....first time EVER for doing that. I'm sold. I use this, some stain blush to last most all day, a swoosh of pretty sheer under eye concealer, and a tinted lip gloss. I'm done in less that three minutes MAX. And I look a whole lot better/healthier." —Lee

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+.

    15. A glowy Saie tinted moisturizer that's the ultimate multitasker: an SPF. 35 mineral sunscreen, a moisturizer with brightening and hydrating ingredients, and a lightweight skin perfector you can step right out the door in.

    model wearing tinted moisturize while holding the product in shade Three: light to Medium Peach
    model wearing tinted moisturize while holding the product in shade Ten: rich Neutral

    Shade range: 14 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: SPF 35

    Saie is a woman-owned small clean makeup biz using highly-researched, ethically sourced ingredients. It's also a certified plastic negative company!

    Promising review: "This is hands down the best tinted moisturizer I have ever used. It goes on flawlessly and stays put even in the south Florida humidity. It evens out my skin tone and helps my skin look amazing. I just ordered my second tube from Saie directly and found that it came quickly in cute, recycled packaging. They even included organic cotton balls as the cushioning for the product. Brilliant! I know this will become a make up staple for me." —Kelley S.

    "This slip tint is my favorite tinted moisturizer on the market. It is amazing and provides just the right amount of coverage. I always get compliments when I wear this. It is so comfortable on the skin and is so glowy. Highly recommend!!" —Princess P.

    Get it from Saie for $35.

    16. A Fenty Beauty blurring skin tint if you're looking for a product that celebrates and doesn't cover your skin, for that MSBB (my skin but better) look.

    product image of a bunch of bottles of skin tint
    model before and after using skin tint in shade Deep
    Fenty Beauty / Via, Fenty Beauty

    Shade range: 25 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: N/A

    Promising review: "I hope this product is around forever because after trying it, I refuse to use or even look at anything else. It's PERFECT for days when I want light coverage (which is almost every time I wear makeup). For a long time I could never find a tinted moisturizer light enough for me and I had basically given up hope but this shade range came to the rescue! I love it so much." —Jamie

    Get it from Fenty Beauty for $32.

    17. A TikTok-famous Ilia skin tint that's essentially a fancy skin serum that also happens to come with a bit of coverage — and SPF 40, courtesy of zinc oxide, an active ingredient, along with hyaluronic acid and niacinimide.

    product image of all the shades lined up
    model wearing and holding skin tint in shade Baikal st9.5
    Ilia Beauty

    Shade range: 30 shades (fair to deep)

    SPF: 40

    Promising review: "I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin with pitted scars and hyperpigmentation, and I haven’t had much luck with chemical sunscreens. I can’t thank ILIA Beauty enough for having the vision to release a product like this. I don’t know of any other tinted mineral sunscreens (1) with enough pigment to completely hide the white cast you tend to get with mineral sunscreens or (2) with a wide enough shade range where you can match both your shade and your undertone. That’s epic! I also don’t know of many foundations with SPF that have a rating higher than SPF 30. It blends in like a dream (best when applied with fingers). It does have a sort of herbal, 'Whole Foods' smell that reminds me raw shea butter — it’s a fragrance-free formula, so I think it’s just the combined scent of all the ingredients that make up the product. I personally find the smell nostalgic, but if that’s not something you like, it does dissipate after you blend it in. This is an awesome 'your skin but better,' 'no-makeup makeup' foundation that also protects your skin. I absolutely love it!" —Colette H.

    "This is the product I’ve been looking for for the past five years. I am in my 40s and my skin has started to change for the worse! It started respond really badly to foundation. I was looking for a product that would cover my imperfections but also give my face the skincare it needed at the same time while not looking like I had makeup on and looking natural. It’s PERFECT! Even without primer!" —Robyn

    Get it from Ilia for $48.

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