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    31 Long Skirts That Will Possess You To Twirl Until You Cannot Stop

    Flounce, floof, and spin your way to happiness with these skirts.

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    1. A pleated polka dot skirt that'll have you ready to dance the night away with literally any outfit you have in mind. Plus...pockets. Need I say more?

    2. A sunburst pleated skirt you'll want to twirl in until you get dizzy — and you won't even care because you'll already be dizzy with how much joy this skirt brings you!

    model leaning back on a table, wearing white and pink zebra stripe skirt

    3. A midi skirt exuding retro elegance with the deep pockets (two of 'em!) and ribbon belt detail.

    4. A fold-top maxi skirt, because sometimes you don't have the time for restricting waistbands when you're out and about, living your best life.

    pregnant reviewer, leaning against a low wall with ocean view in background, wearing maroon maxi skirt

    5. A boho maxi skirt handmade in Thailand made from 100% cotton, meaning it's as soft and light as a butterfly's wing. so soft that you just might be tempted to attempt to fly away.

    6. A Free People convertible skirt you can hike up over your chest and wear as a dress, or just normally as an adorable asymmetrical skirt — think of it as buying two pieces in one.

    7. A satin slip skirt positively screaming for you to pack it in your suitcase on every vacation and bring it out whenever you see a single ray of sunshine.

    8. A pleated mesh glittery skirt because who doesn't need a sparkly, calf-length number in their rotation? One never knows when some ~sparkly~ vibes are needed.

    side-by-side of model wearing glittery cream skirt, and closeup of the fabric

    9. A simple J.Crew pull-on skirt versatile enough to wear literally anywhere, whether you need to be professional at work or attend a daytime picnic at a moment's notice.

    bottom half, model wearing black midi skirt

    10. A spectacular, floofy, floor-length tulle skirt that is, for lack of better words, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Scrolling through these review photos will give you all the proof you need that putting on this dress = becoming a Disney princess IRL.

    11. A draped asymmetrical skirt that'll have you raking in the compliments like it's your freaking 👏 job 👏.

    12. A rhinestone trim maxi skirt adding literal sparkles to your already bomb look, transforming you into the human disco ball you've always wanted to be.

    collage of model wearing olive green maxi skirt with rhinestone trim and matching top, and then closeup of rhinestone waistband

    13. A washable silk skirt at an actually affordable price point, because you deserve to languish in your bougie self without emptying your whole wallet.

    14. An orange floral skirt that's like biting into a juicy citrus fruit, for those days when you need a brightly colored pick-me-up in cloth form.

    side-by-side model wearing orange floral skirt and fanning it out

    15. A statement knit skirt pretty much invented to make you the instant head-turner of the next cocktail party you step into.

    model wearing striped multicolor skirt, leaning against the wall in a house

    16. A ribbed Free People midi skirt available in the richest, most gorgeous colors I've ever seen and that reviewers says has become a steady closet staple.

    17. A glittery mesh sheer skirt emblazoned with stars, so you can shine like the cosmic gem that you are and also enjoy the breeze on your legs.

    reviewer photo at a rave wearing silver crop top and black sheer skirt

    18. A flounce-hem midi skirt cute enough to wow everyone at your office which, let's be honest, could always use some excitement and flair.

    model wearing burnt orange midi skirt with brown boots

    19. A floral full-length skirt exuding whimsical woodland fairy vibes, if you've ever identified with a forest nymph and are curious to see what it feels like.

    20. A lettuce-edge spliced mesh skirt that's a blend of fabrics and colors, making it definitely one of the most unique pieces you'll own and serving mixed denim realness without the itchiness.

    side-by-side of model wearing the blue colorblock mesh midi skirt in a dark room and a torso shot

    21. A black, multi-layer tulle high-low tutu automatically transforming you into a benevolent goth queen surveying your dark kingdom.

    22. A sweater-knit jacquard skirt to keep your gams nice and warm in the draftiest of rooms, and to bring a bit of coziness to whatever season you choose to wear it.

    side-by-side of model wearing brown sweater skirt with large black polka dots

    23. A taffeta low-waisted skirt made to your measurements, ideal for those formal occasions when you want to pull out all the stops. With this skirt, you'll be the belle of any ball!

    24. A maxi swing skirt with a slit so you can live out your best Angelina Jolie moment — plus, with the gorgeous design, you'll be walking on red carpets wherever you go.

    model wearing salmon colored floral slit skirt and matching wrap top

    25. A grid midi skirt you can pull right on if you're in a hurry and BAM! — instant outfit that looks like you spent long hours strategizing over.

    26. A sweater pencil skirt that will have you feline the power of the tiger the moment you put it on — and, therefore, your most confident self!

    model wearing matching tiger print sweater and skirt

    27. A tiered fringe dress that's colorful, tassel-y, and rustle-y in the best way, because life is too short for your skirts not to move around with you while you tear up the dance floor!

    28. A belted pencil skirt available in corduroy, plaid, pleated, shirred — basically any style you need, all with a smart black belt as an added bonus to your new array of endless outfits.

    29. A ruffley tulle high-low skirt for turning any occasion into the most glamorous photoshoot opportunity of your life. Your camera roll is not ready for these pics!

    30. A Modcloth midi destined to become your go-to skirt BFF you can't be separate from, because of the way it just...completes you.

    31. And a splurgey faux leather skirt you'll want to just wear lounging around your house because of how it emanates power and luxury.

    model wearing black faux leather skirt with knee high boots and gray sweater

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