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34 Plus Size Lingerie Pieces To Make You Feel Like The Star That You Are

Just some luxurious pieces of lingerie, because sometimes you need your undergarments to be the star of the show.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A bralette and short set available in 40 different colors so if you wanted to, you could wear a different one for every day of the month (and you will want to).

2. A baby doll dress with a flyaway front that will give you the irresistible urge to flounce, frolic, and frisk as if you were a woodland creature because LOOK how adorable!

3. A garter skirt with satin buttons with the potential to become the most unique item in your closet, and the one that you reach for most often when your outfit needs some zing.

4. A chemise nightgown that will boost your confidence like no other, so beware... you might be addicted to strutting around your house like a supermodel after buying this.

5. An off-the-shoulder teddy with removable straps you can wear by itself or incorporate into your outfit rotation to give your wardrobe a lacy upgrade.

6. A two-piece lingerie set that will fit like a glove, nay, a DREAM, ensuring that you'll want to wear it forever and never ever take it off.

7. An open back baby doll dress that will make going to bed a sacred affair. Imagine going to sleep without donning an entire separate outfit that makes you feel like a movie star? Couldn't be you.

8. A slip maxi dress combining the dark elegance of Morticia Addams with the relatable urge to wear a cozy maxi dress with a huge slit around the house.

9. A gorgeous sheer lacy slip that will have you emanating such a blinding glow of confidence that others won't be able to look at you directly without shielding their eyes 😤

10. A velvet lingerie set that's comfy AND cute, because you need to do yourself a favor and own a lingerie set that doesn't involve scratchy materials on your ~delicate areas~.

11. A lace baby doll set to instantly turn any regular evening from 0 to 100 REAL quick, whether it's date night or just a comfy night in by yourself in front of the TV.

12. A tanga panty embodying the legal definition of business in the front, party in the back, in case you want to throw out all your normal underwear in favor of these spicy ones.

13. A sparkly plunge bra reviewers recommend if you have a larger bust and need a fancy bra you can wear every day, or on special occasions, or both!

14. A bustier and panty set designed to contour to your body like a comforting hug. A hug that also happens to make you look absolutely BOMB.

15. A floral lace robe with satin ties and super soft material exuding expensive, unattainable heiress vibes. But only you will know that you got it on the internet for less than 30 bucks!

16. A three-piece garter belt set you'll want to profess your undying love to the second you put it on and look at yourself in the mirror.

17. A lace teddy so gorgeous you won't even want to put it on, since it looks like it belongs behind museum glass... but once you do, you'll realize it was a crucial purchase.

18. A mesh bra you will feel like an absolute badass in, because having little tiny rhinestones on your boobs is a fantastic way to prepare for any challenge life throws at you.

19. A bra and panty set just as bright and vibrant as you are, because your giblets and bits deserve to get some sunshine even if you can't expose them to the light of day.

20. A cutout bodysuit made with stretchy cotton and strategic fishnet cutouts that will make you feel like a real catch (but you already knew that).

21. A peekaboo lace thong destined to become your OTP (one true panty), since each time you wear it it'll feel like you were born to rock out with your cheeks out!

22. A satin pajama set to make you feel like the world's most luxurious dolphin as you slip and slide through your sheets, reveling in how soft your PJs are.

23. A lace pajama set that will take feeling yourself to a dangerous level, so proceed with caution unless you want to spend the day looking in the mirror instead of being productive!

24. An open-back lace negligee that will make you wish bedtime was all the time, just so you had an excuse to wear this 24/7.

25. A silk teddy with adjustable straps and a bow detail so you can wrap yourself up in a fancy package like the present that you are!

26. A halter chemise with garters that looks and feels high-end. Who knew dizzying confidence was just one Amazon purchase away?

27. A romantic striped and lacy sheer robe, which is a piece of outwear that you can rock with as much or as ~little~ clothing as you want underneath.

28. A lace mesh nightgown you won't be able to stop twirling in like a Disney princess who's on way her way to the ball... just like you'll be on your way to your mirror to take a million selfies.