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You Can See Laura Dern Whispering "Pew, Pew" While Shooting Her Blaster In "The Last Jedi" And I'm Dead

In case you needed another reason to love her.

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So, if you have any taste at all, you know that Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Holdo was the best new addition to the Star Wars universe from the second she appeared in The Last Jedi, FIGHT ME.

In fact, I loved the character so much that I, a grown-ass woman, dyed my hair purple-pink after seeing the film again recently because Holdo's aesthetic is everything.

She initially told Stephen Colbert back in August, months before the film was released in theaters, that she said "pew, pew" when she shot her blaster during filming.

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The Last Jedi talk starts around the six minute mark!


And, with the film coming to digital and Blu-ray March 27, fans were able to spot the exact moment in the film, thanks to director/writer Rian Johnson's added commentary.

So, naturally, fans took to Twitter to share how they nearly exploded from her preciousness.

@daisyridleee I've had a crush on Laura Dern since Jurassic Park came out and YOU ARE NOT HELPING.

For real though, Laura Dern is a religion and I worship her.

Laura Dern is a God among mere mortals


We should be putting her in every movie, every TV show, and every commercial forever and ever.

we must protect laura dern at all costs

Also, apparently Dern wasn't the first Star Wars star to be ~a little bit extra~ on-set.

@daisyridleee @xmasape My favorite piece of IMDB trivia