16 Hilarious Reactions To The Highly Anticipated "West Side Story" Remake

    *Aggressive snapping in the distance.*

    This past weekend, Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated remake of West Side Story came out to genuinely sparkling reviews!

    Anyway, you already KNOW theater lovers everywhere had all kinds of reactions to the film, so we took to the depths of Twitter and Tumblr to round up just a few of the very best for your viewing pleasure! Ready? Here we go:

    1. This excellent retort:

    “Why did we need to remake West Side Story” like bitch do you know how many times I’ve watched Batman’s parents die

    Twitter: @aguirreryan

    2. This riot:

    Oscars noms for these both or I’ll riot #WestSideStory

    Twitter: @_captain_jay

    3. This apt assessment:

    West Side Story keeps you on your toes because every time you think you found the hot Jet there’s a hotter one

    Twitter: @MarcSnetiker

    4. This third gang:

    I like to imagine a third gang in west side story where the only unifying factor is that the members failed the dance audition for the other two every so often the camera pans past this sad group all snapping at different times and getting frustrated

    Twitter: @petridishes

    5. This list of highlights:

    Highlights of the #WestSideStory movie (though it was all good): 1) Rachel Zegler 2) Mike Faist 3) (Unexpectedly) This film's version of "Gee, Officer Krupke"

    Twitter: @barry_bach

    6. This fair reaction:

    is west side story just about a lonely Latina obsessed with a mediocre white boy bitch I could do that in my house

    Twitter: @ellomelissa

    7. This prequel(?):

    telling my kids bring it on in it to win it was the original west side story

    Twitter: @unknowntrin

    8. This perfect pun:

    WEST SIDE STORY more like fucking YES side story I love you Steven Spielberg!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @ella_kemp

    9. This Gilmore Girls crossover:

    10. And this Curb Your Enthusiasm crossover:

    Twitter: @miamivice2006

    11. This mid-movie thought:

    Me watching “West Side Story” “God I loved Newsies”

    Twitter: @itsgraceaki

    12. This delightful review:

    West Side Story is such astoundingly deluxe movie musical-making, all I could do was laugh through tears at shot after shot.

    Twitter: @Johnny_Allman

    13. This simple tweet:

    just saw WEST SIDE STORY and yeah... this guy... that's the tweet

    Twitter: @steph__green

    14. This heck of a year:

    To think that in one year we have had In The Heights, Tick Tick Boom, and now West Side Story. Three films that prove just how glorious and perfect movie musicals can be

    Twitter: @MattBateman1991

    15. This true love:

    16. And finally — this shocking credits reveal that definitely happens:

    Kinda crazy that after the credits, it said “Maria will return in West Side Story 2”

    Twitter: @codyandrusnyc

    So, we've got to know — what did you think of West Side Story? Share all your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on both Twitter and Tumblr to make your timelines more fun, nerdy places to be!