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    17 Wildly Incorrect Uses For Everyday Objects That People Have Actually Witnessed

    Can an inanimate object obtain a restraining order?

    We recently took a look at a viral Reddit thread that asked people to share the wildest ways they've seen people "misuse" everyday objects. These ridiculous stories sparked even more great responses from our very own BuzzFeed Community! Here are just a few of the absolute worst crimes against inanimate objects:

    1. "Once, after making spaghetti for dinner, my dad and I were searching for the pasta spoon...which we found in my mom’s nightstand. She was keeping it there to use as a back scratcher."


    2. "My husband — bless his heart — once used my expensive Kitchen Aid meat tenderizer to break apart an old toilet because he couldn't find a hammer. He still doesn't understand why he has to buy me a new one now..."


    3. "I have witnessed my mother use a high-heeled shoe as a hammer before. This is the same woman who also used a glue gun to hang pictures on the wall."


    4. "I once saw a girl in my dorm doing laundry. She had a Tide pod. She literally brought scissors with her to the laundry room, cut open the Tide pod, and poured the liquid onto her laundry, like she thought it was a separately packaged one-use container. Her friend tried to point out that she was doing it wrong, but the girl didn't believe her."


    5. "My husband once tried to use a screwdriver and a hammer to open a can of condensed milk when he couldn't find the can opener. We ended up with a mangled can and a puddle of sticky milk all over the table."


    6. "In high school, my friend didn’t have a microwave in her room upstairs, so she used a coffee pot (which she DID have for some reason) to get hot water and used it to make us ramen. We also heated up Pop Tarts wrapped in aluminum foil with an iron a few times just for the hell of it. Kids are dumb."


    7. "My husband uses our clothes-drying rack to keep his pumpkin plant up close to the window. We are renters and we can’t plant it outside, but he LOVES plants, so now we have this giant plant hanging there instead of our clothes."


    8. "My mom often uses the longest knife we have in the kitchen to get things she can’t reach from the top shelf. It's super dangerous, but that doesn't stop her."


    9. "I have a friend who I once saw use her toothbrush to eat a cake because she didn't have a clean spoon handy."


    10. "I spotted a bloke using a pizza cutter to cut out pictures from a magazine. He rolled it repeatedly over each side of an image. The entire tube carriage just watched him in amazement."


    11. "My brother once used the toaster to heat up a butter knife so he could cut some cheese. To be fair, we were young and not allowed to use the sharp knives...but still."


    12. "I had a roommate in college try to remove toast from the toaster with metal tongs multiple times. The first time I saw her do it, I yelped and ducked down."


    13. "When my husband and I were dating, I invited him over for dinner. He asked if he could do something to help. I was busy at the stove, so I told him that he could wash the lettuce by using the salad spinner. Next thing I know, he's complaining that the salad spinner isn’t working. It wouldn’t spin. I took the lid off to check — he had placed the WHOLE head of lettuce inside."


    14. "I have a friend who uses her dirty clothes to wipe down her table. Her explanation is, 'I'm gonna wash it anyway!'"


    15. "I once witnessed my friend use a potato masher as a little grill. He set it on top of the toaster and put chicken nuggets on it because he 'only wanted a few, so the oven wasn't worth it.' I mean, it was clever, but they were frozen..."


    16. "Within the first week of moving into a brand-new, refurbished apartment, my ex-roommate used my plastic cutting board as a pizza pan. The house filled up with smoke and the unimaginably nauseating smell of melted plastic. We never could completely remove all the plastic from the several oven racks. Needless to say, our deposit was not returned."


    17. "Strange, but also slightly genius: My friend uses chopsticks to eat Cheetos and Doritos so that he doesn't get the cheese on his fingers while he's doing work on his computer."

    Em Jakse

    What's the absolute WEIRDEST way you've ever seen a human being misuse an everyday, ordinary item? Share your story in the comments below!