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People Are Sharing The Wildest Ways They've Seen People Incorrectly Use An Everyday Object And What The Actual Heck

Are they using these items wrong, or are they innovators?

Look, sometimes...people are just plain weird, y'all.

And this fact was highlighted this week when Reddit user blendergremlin asked, "What is the most extreme misuse of an everyday item you have ever witnessed?"

So, buckle up. Here are just a few of the strangest, funniest responses:

1. "I once caught a friend of mine rubbing an antibacterial hand wipe from KFC all over his fried chicken. The little packet said 'a hint of lemon' on it, and he thought it was meant to flavor the chicken with."


2. "My roommates in college used laundry pods in the dishwasher for, like, a week because they thought they were the same thing. I hand-washed my dishes, so it didn't affect me, and I only found out when I asked why they always left their laundry pods on the kitchen counter."


3. "My mom's coworker used the plastic page protectors for office binders the literal wrong way. You know how page protectors only have one opening at the top? Well, she would turn them upside down and then use 1 billion paper clips on the bottom to prevent papers from falling out."


4. "My grandma had been using a vibrator as a massaging stick for her back pain because the box simply stated, 'massage stick.' The reason we found this out was hilarious because — when we visited her one day — she told us she went to the shop where she bought it and asked the boy working there to change the batteries. The boy refused and 'acted weird.' Then she asked my mom if SHE could change the batteries, and that was when we saw it was a vibrator."


5. "My friend's kid decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich on the couch with an iron meant for clothes. They burned a nice iron-shaped hole in the couch. They were also 15 at the time."


6. "I once walked into my sister's room to find that she had maxi pads laid out everywhere with her Barbies on top. She was then like, 'Look at all these Barbie sleeping bags I found!'"


7. "I didn't witness this myself, but I read an article a few years ago about that 'life hack' going around where, if you put your toaster on its side, slide in two slices of bread with cheese on top, and toast them, you get toast and grilled cheese all at once. Well, apparently this lady tried it and the melting cheese set her toaster on fire. The whole thing went up and nearly burned her entire house down."


8. "I used to live two doors down from a neighbor who would often vacuum her grass after it was mowed."


9. "My wife routinely uses butter knives as flat screwdrivers, and I once caught her using an ice cream scoop as a hammer. We've talked about it and I've since bought her tools, but she still keeps an old, shitty butter knife in the back of the drawer for fast, easy battery changes."


10. "I once saw a woman using an Oyster card — a London bus pass that's about the same size and material as a credit card — as a spoon to eat lasagna out of a Tupperware container on the bus."


11. "My wife once watched a girl at her work stick a ball of aluminum into a microwave with her instant ramen. When asked why, she said, 'Oh, the sparks are just because it's heating up faster!' as if it were common knowledge."


12. "An old roommate of mine once put a strainer INSIDE a pot of boiling water and tried to flip both. The boiling water went all over the place, but she defended herself by saying, 'That's the right way to do it; I saw it on Instagram!'"


13. "My brother once used a putty knife to cut brownies. My parents were redoing the kitchen and left it out on top of a paint bucket or something."


14. "I once had a friend casually say, 'You know how when you run out of toilet paper, so you just use a sock or whatever?' No, the heck I do not, Sandra, Jesus Christ."


15. "We weren’t allowed hot plates or microwaves in my college dorm, so one of the girls on my floor would cook bacon with a hair straightener."


16. "My uncle had never used a Keurig before, so he thought that one would have to remove the top paper of that little K-Cup so the hot water could 'get to the coffee.' Unsurprisingly, it caused a big mess."


17. "When I was a kid, my mother used a pasta spoon to clean the cat's litter box. I thought this was normal, since it was the only way I'd ever seen it used. Then, years after our cat died, I was eating dinner at a friend's house and the mom grabbed the same utensil to serve spaghetti. I freaked out and shouted, 'Why are you serving food with a poop scoop?!' They were so confused, and I still couldn't eat my dinner because I was so disturbed."


All right, you've had your laughs...but now it's YOUR turn! What's the absolute WEIRDEST way you've ever seen a human being misuse an everyday, ordinary item? Share your story in the comments below!