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    19 Hilarious Jokes About The First Two Episodes Of "WandaVision" Because We're All Obsessed

    "FLOURISH!" —Me, restarting both episodes 100 times.

    Hello friends! Let's cut to the chase: I spent Friday night watching the first two episodes of Disney+'s latest masterpiece, WandaVision — then, I spent Saturday and Sunday talking about them with absolutely ANYONE who would listen to me!

    Well, given this new obsession, I had to preoccupy my fixated lil' brain somehow — so I took to the depths of Tumblr and Twitter to round up the absolute silliest jokes about the first two episodes to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list!

    So, with all of that in mind, here are just a FEW of the funniest jokes and memes about the first two episodes of WandaVision for your viewing pleasure:

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    1. This unfortunate lie:

    2. This visual aid:

    literally wanda and vision at that talent show #WandaVision

    3. This no-context-necessary giggle:

    4. This midday drink:

    5. This accurate depiction:

    6. This Marvel conditioning:

    7. No, seriously...we were all waiting:

    Me waiting for an end credit scene after both episodes of #WandaVision 'cause Marvel has conditioned me to do so:

    Twitter: @spideyxbishop

    8. This happy(?) throuple:

    9. This ONE fear:

    10. This non-emergency:

    11. This loving confusion:

    12. This undisputed FACT:

    Believe me or not, this is the most powerful Avenger #WandaVision

    Twitter: @wandasflash

    13. This A+ meme use:

    14. This ultimate showdown:

    15. This unBEElievable moment:

    16. This inconspicuous couple:

    17. This rewind time:

    18. This personal attack on a titan:

    19. And finally — this reaction that is absolutely ALL of us:

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