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What's Your Most Aggressively Unpopular Horror Movie Opinion?

Make! Me! Angry!

There's precious little you need to know about me, Allie, your friendly neighborhood BuzzFeed horror lover...but you do need to know that I have two great loves in this life: horror movies and passionately unpopular opinions. The kind of opinions that start fights.

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So β€” with that in mind β€” what is your most aggressively unpopular horror movie opinion? You know, the one that, whenever you bring it up, SOMEONE gets mad about?

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It can be about ANY horror movie, ANY horror movie character, ANY horror movie twist, etc...just keep it about horror movies. We'll have time for other genres later!

Maybe you think The Shining is wildly boring and overrated.

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You're wrong, but I like it!

Or perhaps you feel like the twist in The Sixth Sense was lame and obvious.

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IDK, seemed pretty well buried...unlike Bruce Willis's body!

Heck, maybe you think Sidney Prescott from the Scream franchise is the single most annoying final girl of all time and wish she'd met her demise.*

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*Sure, that's extreme...but hey, it's YOUR unpopular opinion!

Share your most unpopular horror movie opinion in the comments below β€” and a little bit about WHY you feel that way β€” for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!

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