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    Turns Out One Of The Best Quotes From "The Last Jedi" Was Actually A Super Subtle Nod To "The Empire Strikes Back"

    "That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love."

    So, it's been months and I'm still in awe of The Last Jedi.

    From the stunning visual effects to the heart-breaking character development, it was truly a ride from start to finish.

    But one of the most notable traits from the newest Star Wars entry was just how quotable it was.

    And, as twitter user Scott Collura discovered, one of the most moving quotes from the newest film had roots deep in the saga to begin with.

    Remember what Rose said in @rianjohnson’s The Last Jedi about winning the war not by fighting what we hate, but sav…

    That's right, Rose's emotional reminder to Finn at the end of the film was actually said over 30 years ago during the making of The Empire Strikes Back by director Irvin Kershner.

    @iamBK_ @rianjohnson This is the book for those asking. Out of print but my awesome library was able to track down…

    And, as if that wasn't enough, the nod was confirmed by the director of The Last Jedi himself, Rian Johnson.

    @ScottCollura A friend gave me that book when we were in production, it’s amaaaaazing

    Johnson went on to admit that he was influenced by Kershner's book about the production of, arguably, best film in the original saga.

    Really worth tracking down - feels like a sort of fluke that couldn’t exist today, a strangely plain & intimate vie…

    It's the best one, fight me.

    And, of course, no Star Wars discovery is complete without Mark Hamill himself adding a little ~Skywalker snark.~

    Did they include the quote where I predicted it would ruin people's childhoods? 🙄

    Oh stop it, you can't ruin people's childhoods when you ARE people's childhoods.

    Anyway, there ya have it, just one full circle, beautiful quote.