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    21 Super-Annoying Things That Ruin Movies 100% Of The Time

    Dear sound mixers: Please pick a volume and stick with it!

    There's absolutely NOTHING worse than enjoying an exceptional film, only for something (for lack of a better word) DUMB AF to happen and completely take you out of it.

    Well, this week, redditor u/pickanamehere asked, "What 100% ruins a movie for you every time?" and WHEW, BUDDY, people did not hold back!

    So with that in mind, here are just a few of the things that 100% ruin movies for people 100% of the time:

    1. "Having to constantly have my remote in hand to turn down the absurdly loud action scenes, only to then have to crank the volume up for the next dialogue scene that is far too quiet."


    2. "Badly implemented product placement. Product placement itself doesn't bother me β€” like, if there's a character driving a Toyota or eating a Pizza Hut pizza, I don't mind. However, if there's a pointless shot in the movie that shows a Bud Light logo for 10 full seconds, I do mind."


    3. "Fight scenes where someone (it's usually the villain) makes a big, almost fatal blow...but instead of finishing the job by smashing the brains in, they just start talking/bragging. And then, whoops, the fight is back on like nothing happened!"


    4. "Unnecessary love scenes where the main character and a side character fall in love just 'cause, despite having known each other for like five minutes."


    5. "When a movie calls for an 'ugly' guy, they get an 'ugly' guy, but when the movie calls for an 'ugly' girl...they just get a sexy girl and dress her in dumpy clothes."


    6. "When it's VERY obvious that someone isn't actually having a conversation on the phone. They just say their lines without giving enough of a natural pause for the other person to respond."


    7. "When things explode for no reason. Like, a vehicle has a minor collision and simply rolls over, then it spontaneously explodes."


    8. "When one character who's an expert in some field stops to explain the most basic concepts of that field to another character who's also an expert on the same subject."


    9. "Unnecessary and bad CGI. It completely breaks my immersion in the movie and is just lazy filmmaking."


    10. "When it only takes a hacker 20 seconds of furious typing to disable a country's entire infrastructure."


    11. "When the premise of a major conflict in the movie is something that any sane person would have just said, 'Oh no, there's been a misunderstanding!' and they all would've just had a laugh and gone on with their lives...but instead it turns into some convoluted drama."


    12. "When they include 'video games' in movies that are set after 1988, yet they all sound like Pac-Man or Space Invaders."


    13. "When there is a timer, but it takes longer to count down than the time that was shown. It drives me crazy. Generic example: 50 seconds until a bomb explodes. Dialogue for 30 seconds. Timer is showing 30 seconds left. More dialogue for 40 seconds. Timer is at five seconds. Quick one-liner, bomb defused with one second to go."


    14. "Violence without consequence. Like, sure, the good guy got beaten within an inch of his life, but the next day he'll get up and mete out justice, when, in real life, he would normally be looking at three months of physical or occupational therapy. I have friends who've been on the wrong end of similar physical trauma,'s not pretty."


    15. "When all you have to do is beat the big boss and the entire army just collapses. Pretty much every alien, fantasy, and robot-using invasion movie uses this hive concept."


    16. "When characters hang up the phone without any warning. Like, 'Bob, we discovered a nuke on its way to Washington!' Click. Or someone answering the door within a couple of seconds of knocking. These two things completely break me out of a movie and are hard to recover from."


    17. "Teenagers who just sound like a screenwriter who is trying to sound cool. All of those snarky remarks and one-liners just make them sound insufferable and annoying rather than clever."


    18. "I can always tell when actors carry fake (well, empty) suitcases, and even when they carry empty to-go cups. There's just something different in the way their bodies/muscles work because they're not reacting to the weight. Like, Jesus Christ, it's a $50 million movie β€” how hard would it be to fill up the cup and toss a couple of bricks in the suitcase?!"


    19. "A bad ending. If a movie was great but had a bad ending, then the whole experience is ruined for me."


    20. "Overused female tropes. The angry Black woman, plus-size women always being loud and clumsy, and, of course, the manic pixie dream girl. This isn't some feminist soapbox β€” it's genuinely just lazy and uninspired writing."


    21. And finally: "When the trailers reveal most of the plot."


    Now it's your turn! What's one thing that β€” when it happens in a movie β€” never fails to ruin the whole thing for you? Share your pick in the comments below!