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    There's A New Trailer For "Winchester," Just In Time To Ruin My Sleeping Pattern

    "Hey there Demons, it's your girl."—Helen Mirren, probably.

    So back in October we got our first look at Helen Mirren in the upcoming horror film Winchester, and it looked creepy AF.

    Well, today we received our first full-length trailer for this "inspired by true events" nightmare come to life, and...yeah, no thanks.

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    In this film Mirren takes on the role of Sarah Winchester, a grieving widow who is heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, who is building a mansion under constant construction.

    The Winchester Mansion is a very real place that has hypnotized paranormal fanatics for years, often being referred to as "the most haunted place in the world."

    While many believe she is simply a woman gone mad with sorrow, Sarah insists that the house is a necessary measure to imprison hundreds of vengeful spirits.

    This trailer has everything you could ever want in a horror movie: ghosts, Helen Mirren, a creepy little white kid singing an otherwise happy song.

    So, if you're new years resolution was to sleep less, I highly recommend checking this out Feb. 2, 2018.