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    Posted on Oct 23, 2017

    We Just Got Our First Look At What May Be Daniel Day-Lewis' Final Film Role And It Is Truly Stunning

    "Whatever you it carefully."

    This is visionary director Paul Thomas Anderson. We have not received a new film him from since 2014's Inherent Vice.

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    This is beloved actor Daniel Day-Lewis. We have not received a new performance from him since 2012's Lincoln.

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    However, both of those sad facts changed today, as we got our first trailer for Phantom Thread.

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    This film is the second team-up between the two. The first was 2007's critically and commercially successful There Will Be Blood.

    The film follows the life of renowned dressmaker and infamous bachelor, Reynolds Woodcock, played by Day-Lewis.

    Focus Features

    Reynolds and his sister, Cyril, are at the center of 1950's British fashion, designing clothes for the most important people of the time.

    Focus Features

    Reynolds is more than content with his lifestyle...that is, until he falls for a strong-willed young woman named Alma, who quickly becomes his muse.

    Focus Features

    The trailer showcases all of the poise we've come to expect from an Anderson film, while simultaneously exhibiting all the subtle precision of a Day-Lewis performance.

    Focus Features

    This film is also likely to be Day-Lewis' final on-screen role, after having announced back in June he would retire from acting.

    Focus Features

    So be sure to catch what is destined to be another legendary achievement for these two when Phantom Thread comes to theaters Dec. 25, 2017.

    Focus Features

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