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    15 Jokes About "The Mummy" Movies Because They Continue To Age Like A Fine Wine

    We are all Jonathan. I'm sorry.

    Look — if you've spent even just five minutes on my BuzzFeed dot com the website profile, you're aware that ya girl here rides pretty hard for the 1999 classic, The Mummy, and its equally excellent sequel, The Mummy Returns (2001).

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    So, with that in mind, I searched through Tumblr for even MORE of the funniest, silliest, most ridiculous The Mummy–related jokes and memes to compile into this easy-to-enjoy list. Here we go:

    1. This ultimate showdown:

    2. This genius connection:

    3. This accurate "type":

    4. This iconic moment:

    5. This personal performance:

    6. This grateful punch:

    7. This perfect title overlay:

    8. This essay that I would 100% read:

    9. This foolish choice:

    10. This familiar escalation:

    11. This sibling dynamic:

    12. This ambitious crossover:

    13. This list of loves:

    14. This expert meme use:

    15. And finally, this universal truth:

    You can check out more The Mummy jokes here, and — if you like what you see — be sure to click through and follow your favorites to make your Tumblr a more fun place to be!

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