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19 Jokes About "The Mummy" Because, Fun Fact, It's The Greatest Movie Ever Made

Is it possible to give a movie an Oscar 20 full years after its release???

1. This accurate response to a video:

2. This A+ meme use:

3. This perfect reaction:

Guess who just saw the "scarab in the shoulder" bit in 1999's THE MUMMY.

4. This language barrier:

5. This horrifying remake:

6. This Tinder pattern:

Damn why is everyone on dating apps looking for adventures? Okay Brendan Fraiser in the 1999 film The Mummy.

7. This poor tired baby boy:

8. This glow UP:

9. This undeniable truth:

10. This sexual awakening:

brendan fraser and rachel weisz in the mummy (1999) were my bisexual awakening

11. This perfect reference:

12. This therapy session:

13. This correct concern:

14. This ambitious crossover:

15. This fan theory:

16. This very gay casting choice:

17. This unfortunate reality:

18. This life advice:

19. And finally, this simple statement:

remember in THE MUMMY (1999) when it’s the best movie ever made