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    The Ladies Of "Broad City" Now Have An Official Sex Toy Line And Oh My God Yas

    "You know, the vay-nya is nature's's natural."

    The always sex-positive ladies of "Broad City" just teamed up with the brand Lovehoney to launch an official sex toy line because of course.

    Lovehoney is also the brand behind the official 50 Shades of Grey toy collection, so this is not its first venture into ~pop culture–themed pleasure~.

    Comedy Central

    All of the pieces in the 14-product line are cleverly named for different corresponding moments on the show, and all at prices even Ilana and Abbi's characters could afford.

    Lovehoney’s Broad City Range Featured on BBC, Shipping Now @broadcity @Lovehoney

    Including sure-to-be-new-faves such as the Yas Kween 10 Fuction Bullet available for $21.99.

    Lovehoney, Comedy Central

    And the Respect Your Dick 10 Function Love Ring for $26.99 so you can properly respect the one who respects you.

    Lovehoney, Comedy Central

    And the Ass of an Angel Butt Plug for $39.99, for sure some "high class sh*t."

    Lovehoney, Comedy Central

    And these Nature's Pocket Kegel Balls for $29.99 to keep your "love muscles" as strong as your girl power.

    Lovehoney, Comedy Central

    And the appropriately named Pegasus Pegging Kit for $89.99, which promises to help you "Peg Like A Queen."

    Comedy Central, Lovehoney

    In reference to the launch, the ladies stated, "We love that Broad City's sex positivity carries into real life with these products and we hope the world enjoys them."

    Comedy Central

    Oh, I'm sure the world will.

    What're you waiting for? Go spend your money!!!

    Comedy Central

    And don't miss Broad City Season 4 beginning Sept. 13 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central!

    Comedy Central

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