People Are Sharing The Sweet Yet Annoying Things Their Pets Do, And It's Almost Too Pure

    We love them, but they also leave fur everywhere.

    I promise you, there is absolutely NOTHING you need to know about me except that I would live or die or lose an eye for either of my two cats. Don't test me.

    Still, like all beloved pets, my babies aren't ALWAYS angels. With that in mind, I've never related to a thread more than when Reddit user thoughtcity asked, "Pet owners of Reddit: What is something seemingly caring and adorable that your pet does to you or for you, but screws you over a little?"

    Here are some of the sweetest, most annoying answers shared:

    1. This "snuffication":

    "My mom's dog puts her neck over your face if you're laying down. We call it 'snuffication' and the only person she DOESN'T do it to is my mom."


    2. This phone whacker:

    "If my dog wants to cuddle with you while you're looking at your phone, she will try to knock it out of your hands with her paw. It's cute, but it can also be annoying — especially if you're lying down and the phone falls on your face."


    3. This shadow pup:

    "My dog follows me everywhere I go — literally everywhere. He is always making sure I'm okay and, if I shut the door to go to the bathroom alone, he whines like I'm dying because he's worried. It's so sweet, but it can also get us both hurt because I'm very clumsy and so is he, so we're always tripping over each other."


    4. This stowaway:

    "Whenever I pack my bag for work, my cat sits in it as if I won't realize she's there and will take her to work with me. She always seems sad when I take her out."


    5. This unwelcome kiss:

    "Whenever I’m lying down, my dog will come over and lick my face. It starts off all innocent, then he licks right UP my nose. I’m talking so far up my nose that I swear he's touching my brain. It hurts like heck, but he's just so cute."


    6. This sleeping threesome:

    "If I fall asleep on my side on the couch, one of the cats will lay against my back, and the other will lay against my front of me while holding my hand.

    The one holding my hand snores and kicks my in his sleep. The one on my back is fat and likes to bounce off of me."


    7. This excellent sharer:

    "My dog likes to bring his toy over to us and shove it in our faces. It supposedly means he thinks we're the 'alpha,' but it's very difficult to do anything with a toy in your face. We've started to tell him, 'Thank you for the toy, but no thank you.'"


    8. This stress relief:

    "When I'm visibly stressed, my 16-pound cat will climb up onto my chest while I'm sleeping and knead my face and neck. It's adorable, but they only do it between the hours of 2 A.M. and 5 A.M."


    9. This headfirst adventurer:

    "My youngest cat head-butts his way through the house. It's so cute and sweet, but if you're holding something, he'll head-butt it straight out of your hands and if you don't respond to it, he'll bite you."


    10. This cleanser:

    "One of our cats is the first cat I've lived with that actively grooms EVERYTHING. She does it to our foreheads a lot and it's a sign of love, but that tongue can be really rough and she doesn't shy away from eyelids, noses, lips, etc."


    11. This loafer:

    "My 15-year-old cat likes to park it and loaf between my legs when I'm reclined. He gets super comfy, starts kneading and purring, and his warmth makes me sleepy, so I eventually nod off...until he farts and the ensuing olfactory onslaught permeates the room so much that I have to get up and leave."


    12. This 50/50 shot at love:

    "If my cat is in a bad mood, she’ll run at me and bite at my ankles. If she’s in a good mood, she’ll run at me and rub against me. It’s 50/50 with this cat. Even if she’s running to give me some love, I have to take defensive precautions in case it’s an attack. This is especially stressful when it’s dark and I’m walking down the stairs."


    13. This chewy chewer:

    "I have a pet rat. Rats love chewing and, if they chew, it means they're comfortable...but my rat likes to chew off my belt loops."


    14. This screamer:

    "My cat has two modes: terribly polite and terribly loud. Terribly loud involves standing on the highest surface she can manage and shouting at us until we fix whatever’s wrong (ie: If we’re 0.25 seconds late for when she thinks her dinner should be served). Terribly polite involves tapping my hand gently with her paw for pets, tapping my leg to make sure I’m okay for her to sit on my lap, and bringing me gifts. She’s a tiny little black cat and my favorite void cloud in the world."


    15. This excited eater:

    "We taught our hound to sit and 'shake hands' before he gets his dinner or treats. It's evolved to the point where he just puts his paw on your lap to ask for it when it's dinner time. Unfortunately, sometimes he gets so excited for food that he punches you in the groin."


    16. This living house alarm:

    "My dog really thinks she adds value to our household and earns her keep by barking at every single truck that goes by. She even looks at me very pleased when she does it. Very adorable. Very loud."


    17. And finally, this abandonment issue:

    "I travel a lot for work and my little terrier is always trying to sneak into the car. If she sees me packing my bags and loading the car, she’ll start barking loudly to make sure I know she wants to come. She even tries to run outside if the door is open.

    Occasionally she's made it to the car and will jump inside and refuse to get out. When I open the door to grab her, she runs over to the other side, so I can’t reach her. I'll have to crawl in to get her, and she'll roll over on her back and go limp in protest while I drag her out of the car. It breaks my heart every time, but I have it on good authority that she quickly forgets about my existence once I'm gone and spends the whole time snuggling with my husband on the couch."


    Now it's your turn! What's something sweet that your pet does that is also just kind of the worst? Share your story in the comments below!