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People Are Sharing The Nicknames They Call Their Pets And It's Relatable AF

If you call your pet everything BUT their name, this is for you.

Hi, you literally don't need to know ANYTHING about me other than the fact that nothing in this world matters to me more than my two cats, my daughter and son, Jyn and Milky:

Allie Hayes

Jyn (left) was named for the rebellious Jyn Erso in Rogue One and Milky (right) was named "Milky" by his original foster moms because, well, he looks like a fuzzy cow.

But the thing is...I RARELY refer to my babies by their ~real~ names because I have so many nicknames for the two of them!

Allie Hayes

A few of my personal favs include Beelzebub, Demon Baby, and Potato Princess for Jyn and Fuzzybutt, Spud Prince, and The Dairy King for Milky.

And this week Twitter user metroadlib really amplified that struggle when they posted a tweet brilliantly detailing the MANY identities of their dog:

my dog's name is cooper. i call him-- boubba boub honeybunny coopypoopy heyloverthisismorethanacrush stinkboy & sweetboy. i use sweetboy the most. i call this mfer "cooper" exactly 7% of the time.

Which prompted proud pet parents EVERYWHERE to share their million and a half nicknames for their babies:

My cat’s name was Pasha. I called her Pashie Sweetie my littlehoneybabyface GirlIfYouDontQuit


My cat's name is Finn. I call him My baby boy!! Boo-bear Finnamon Bun Finnstagram Finnalicious Fatty Chubbalub Belly and STOPEATINGTHEDONUTS!!!

Heck, sometimes the "nicknames" are even longer and grander than their real names:

My dog's name is Cesare. I call him: Chez Chezzy Chezerito Chezerito Burrito Chesterson Mayfield III Chestercorn Wallace Boo Boos Boosifer Baba Baba-booty Ringbar

And it turns out this habit isn't exclusive to JUST cats and dogs, either. It's for ALL pet parents EVERYWHERE who refuse to refer to their babies by their given names for some reason:

my guinea pig's name is Francis I can him: Francois Franny baby boy franfran my son Frankis toothless wonder (one of his teeth fell out after he had an unfortunate fall) lil shit

Including some little horror movie-named bunnies, precious:

I have a bunny named Jigsaw. I call her: - Jiggy - My Girl - My Baby Girl - Hey Girl - Cutie I also have a bunny named Hannibal. I call him: - My Little Cannibal - Cannibal Bunny - Little One - Itty Bitty One - Tiny Baby

So, now it's your turn! Can you top these hilarious nicknames? Share a pic of your pet and your absolute BEST nicknames for them in the comments below!

Warner Bros.

(Me @ Jyn when she's about to knock something off the counter.)

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