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What Hogwarts House Does Your Pet Really Belong In?

Let the Sorting Hat sort your cat (or dog, or rabbit, or lizard)!

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  1. First off, what's YOUR Hogwarts House?

  2. What is your pet's favorite way to spend their day?

    Warner Bros.
  3. How does your pet react upon meeting a new human?

    Warner Bros.
  4. What would your pet likely get in trouble for at Hogwarts?

    Warner Bros.
  5. If you had to match your pet's personality to a Hogwarts professor, who would be the closest match?

  6. How would your pet prefer to be rewarded for a good deed?

  7. How does your pet like to show YOU affection?

    Warner Bros.
  8. And, finally, which of these magical items do you feel matches your pet's personality closest?

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