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Here Are Some Of The Absolute Best Looks From The Badass Ladies Of Hollywood At The 2017 Governors Awards

Just some badass ladies in some badass dresses...nothing more, nothing less.

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So, the 2017 Governors Awards was held over the past weekend, and I took the liberty of picking out just a HANDFUL of the most stunning looks from the night (in no particular order), you're welcome.

1. Salma Hayek

2. Jennifer Lawrence

3. Carey Mulligan


4. Kristen Wiig

5. Tessa Thompson

6. Helen Mirren

7. Margot Robbie


8. Zoe Kazan

9. Mary J. Blige

10. Michelle Williams

11. Emma Stone


12. Jessica Chastain

13. Saoirse Ronan

14. Patty Jenkins

15. Sarah Paulson

So there you have it...just some badass ladies in some badass dresses. In the meantime, let me just leave you with this B.F.F. interaction on the red carpet.