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    Dwayne Johnson Has A Crush On Frances McDormand, And The Reason Why Will Melt Your Cold Heart

    "Now that I'm here I've got to tell you, I've got a little crush..."

    So, this is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He's a damn near perfect human.

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    And this is Frances McDormand. She is an equally perfect, Oscar-winning human being.

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    You may be thinking: What do these two near perfect human beings have in common? Well, Dwayne reveled this week on The Ellen Show that he is somewhat smitten with Frances, and the reason is absolutely delightful:

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    It all started when Ellen asked about his daughter, Simone, and her experience as an ambassador at the 2018 Golden Globes.


    He went on to say that one of the ambassador's main roles was ushering winners off of the stage, which can be overwhelming given how many celebrities are there. However, one person seemed to put her nerves at ease:


    After winning her Globe, Frances walked up onto the stage and, instead of taking the award and giving her speech, she took the time to acknowledge Simone.


    And, as if that wasn't sweet enough, Frances went on to show her gratitude for Simone's time as she escorted her off the stage, as well.


    So, unsurprisingly, he's ~quite taken~ with Frances (and so am I, TBH).


    So yeah, I fully support this imaginary union of perfection (and, don't worry, so does his wife, Lauren).


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