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    Salem The Cat Walked The "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Red Carpet And It's The Best Thing I've Ever Seen

    "I am the most powerful of ALL witches!"

    Hi, so we're already all aware that Salem Saberhagen (you know, the black cat) was the best part of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, correct?

    He was sassy, sarcastic, and, OVERALL, a comedy ICON the entire run of the original show. Still, with the show's reboot — The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — on the way, many were worried about who would fill those very big paw prints.

    Well, worry no more, my friends! I give you the new Salem Saberhagen, who is RED CARPET TRAINED:

    That's right, at the world premiere of the show this week, Salem WALKED THE CARPET AND POSED FOR PHOTOS. As the proud owner of a black cat myself, I promise you I cried laughing for, like, three minutes straight. Just look at this perfect fluff ball:

    Plus, the similarities between our new Salem and our classic Salem are truly uncanny:

    Here's a glamorous close-up of our new favorite baby:

    Here's another fully-body one, just because I feel like it:

    Naturally, fans couldn't handle the sheer amazing-ness that are these photos.

    the pics of the cat playing salem in the new sabrina the teenage witch show on the red carpet are ending my life.....he’s so cute and poised...!

    Rachel Murray / David Livingston / Getty Images

    Some LITERALLY do not want to talk about anything else but his debut for the next week.

    For the next week, please only talk to me about Salem walking the red carpet for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    Rachel Murray / David Livingston / Getty Images

    In conclusion, Salem already deserves an Emmy Award, all of our respect, as well as maybe a modeling contract? IDK, GET ON IT.

    So I saw Salem walking the red carpet of #TheChillingAdventuresofSabrina WHAT an icon, Emmy Award when ?

    Rachel Murray / David Livingston / Getty Images

    And be sure to catch our new fave when the show premieres on Netflix, Oct. 26!