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    13 Examples Of Why Black Cats Are The Best Cats And Your Bad Luck Is Your Own Problem

    Happy Friday the 13th.

    Hi, my name is Allie, but that's not important at all. What IS important is that this is my daughter Jyn Erso.

    @alliestardust / Instagram / Via

    She was named for the rebellious Rogue One lead character.

    In case you can't tell, I love Jyn more than I love most human beings. However, not everyone feels the same way I do about black cats.

    @alliestardust / Instagram / Via

    Upon adopting her I was SPECIFICALLY WARNED by the foster home "not to let her near any windows in October or on any Friday the 13th." When I naively asked why, I received the horrifying response that "some people seek out, capture, and kill black cats" during those times because of the ancient superstition that they are bad luck.

    But this led me to wonder...WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE THIS FACE IS BAD LUCK?

    @alliestardust / Instagram / Via

    So I've taken the liberty of coming up with 13 reasons why black cats are actually the best:

    It's #FridayThe13th. Hug a #BlackCat today.

    1. They literally look like little furry versions of Toothless, the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon.


    And who didn't LOVE Toothless?!

    2. Black goes with everything and you want to be fashion forward.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Just think of all the cool headshot possibilities.

    3. Catwoman is iconic AF, and she CHOSE to be a black cat.

    Warner Bros.

    Like...why would you question her choices?

    4. In many cultures, black cats are actually believed to be GOOD luck and bring prosperity, so forget everything you think you know.

    Black cat awareness month, I couldn’t be luckier to have rescued you 🖤

    The only time you could be unlucky is if you DON'T have a black cat.

    5. There's a nearly ENDLESS amount of cool things you can buy to show off your love and support for your black cat.

    Kookoobird / Etsy / Via

    Like this adorable pin, which you can buy for $10 here!

    6. Salem is easily the best character on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so your black cat will already have a great role model.



    7. They take great black and white photos and will bring you much Instagram success because they are tiny models.

    HaPpY Friday the 13th! Remember that a black cat crossing your path signifies that the cat is going somewhere. 😂


    8. You can dress them up and make them even MORE adorable than they already are.

    xsited1 / Reddit / Via

    Like this little bat baby.

    9. Stereotyping is messed up and not who you are on the inside because you're a good person.

    Tiny little babies in need of hugs.

    10. Since some people are scared of them (for literally no reason), adopting one automatically gives you some badass points.

    Giphy / Via

    If someone is superstitious and rude, causally let them know your baby has your back, always.

    11. If eyes are truly the windows to the soul, then black cats have the most beautiful souls of any creature on Earth.

    avid_subscriber / Reddit / Via

    *Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" plays softly in the distance.*

    12. If they get fur on you during snuggle time, it will not stand out on your black clothing, thus perfecting your ~adult goth aesthetic~.

    Studio Ghibli

    All black everything.

    13. And, most importantly, they have to wait twice as long to be adopted in some cases, and are incredibly grateful animals for those who DO adopt them.

    Am a Lucky Black Cat because I was adopted but sadly Cats like me wait twice as long to be adopted 🙀🙀…

    So go out and pet a black cat today. Or, even better, adopt one! I can vouch from personal experience that they are truly the best.

    @alliestardust / Reddit / Via

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