17 Tiny Romantic Gestures That Will 100% Improve Your Relationship

    "My boyfriend boils water when I visit without asking because he knows I like tea."

    In my humble opinion, the best, most memorable romantic gestures are typically the smallest, most unique ones. The kind of gestures that cost absolutely no money at all.

    And this week when Reddit user seamonkeybuns asked, "What’s a simple romantic gesture that actually means a lot?" people really knew how to make my heart skip a beat.

    Here are just a few of the most ~heart-melting~ gestures you can use in your relationship:

    1. "When you remember something they said a long time ago that hasn’t been talked about since. It shows you listened and cared enough to remember it."


    2. "When she looks at me and smiles for no particular reason, other than she's happy to be spending time with me."


    3. "When we were dating, my fiancé and I were in a long distance relationship for a few months. Every time, before he left, he'd spray some of my sweaters with his cologne."


    4. "Making it clear that you’re proud to be with them, ESPECIALLY in front of your friends. I felt like my ex was embarrassed of me and it wasn't until I dated someone else that I realized how simple and important it is."


    5. "My boyfriend always boils water when I visit without asking because he knows I like tea."


    6. "Light non-sexual touching like a hand on their thigh while riding in the car or brushing your hand over the small of their back when they pass behind. "


    7. "My fiancé always gives me three kisses every morning. First one is to wake me up, second one is a good, long kiss, and the last one is the 'goodbye' kiss. Then we yell back and forth saying 'I love you,' 'I miss you,' 'have a good day' until he walks out the front door. It’s so simple, but my three kisses absolutely make my day."


    8. "Cleaning the snow and ice off their vehicle early in the morning."


    9. "When they show up to support you without being asked. Someone I was seeing showed up to visit me in the hospital without being asked. It was such a HUGE gesture for me."


    10. "Little hand written notes. They don't have to be anything specific. Just a simple 'I hope you have a great day! Love you!' does the trick. I keep all the notes my boyfriend writes me."


    11. "My wife mentioned in passing that she'd run out of tampons and I knew the supermarket was about to close. I went out and got her some. I thought nothing of it because she needs them, right? But you would've thought I was made of solid gold upon my return."


    12. "Making sure they get to their destination before you leave. For example: Wait to see your S.O. go up to their apartment and get through the door after a date, just in case."


    13. "Remembering something they mentioned liking in a previous conversation ('Oh I love caramel macchiatos!' for example) and giving them that thing later on without them asking. It makes them feel like they're being listened to."


    14. "Little handmade gifts. For example, a drawing of something they like, a little painting, a card, etc."


    15. "Little spontaneous dances. I'll just be standing in the kitchen and he'll hug me and sway a little or spin me and I instantly get the warm and fuzzies."


    16. "When my wife and I are out to dinner, I always reach across the table to hold her hand while waiting to be served. It just cements the bond and, as a bonus, waitresses love to comment on how cute it is to see us holding hands (I guess nobody else does this?). We've been married for 10 years, and I still do it whenever possible."


    17. "Forehead. Kisses."


    Now it's your turn! What's a small but romantic gesture someone can do for their partner? Do you have a sweet story? Please share in the comments below!