Rihanna's Upcoming Lingerie Line Is Plus-Size Inclusive, And Just OMG

    "Savages come in all shapes and sizes!"

    Hi, I'm Allie. I am now, and have pretty much always been, considered plus-size.

    I also happen to worship the ground Rihanna walks on, because she is an actual celestial being fallen to Earth.

    So, you can imagine the OTHER-WORLDLY BLISS I experienced when I read that her upcoming lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, will be available in a plus-size range!

    Riri has been teasing us all week with pictures from the collection, which include the likes of curve models Audrey Ritchie, Lulu Bonfils, and Stella Duval.

    According to the official Savage x Fenty website, the bras will go up to a 44DDD, and the panties will be available up to a 3X.

    The collection will include everyday, wearable pieces, as well as some ~special occasion~ designs.

    And, while OF COURSE cup sizes larger than DDD and panty sizes beyond 3X exist, it is truly amazing for a brand this big to LAUNCH with such an expansive size-range right out of the gate.

    Especially considering most major brands (who've been around for years) generally only go up to a 40DDD in bras and XL in panties.

    Savage x Fenty will officially launch May 11, 2018. Until then, catch me looking at myself in the mirror like: