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    Rae — The "Unicorn" Golden Retriever Puppy — Is The Wholesome Distraction We Deserve

    I would — I cannot stress this enough — die protecting her.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could all use a little extra sunshine right now.

    So, with that in mind, you can imagine how absolutely DELIGHTED I was when I happened upon this little RAE* of sunshine while scrolling through my feed:

    Rae — or "ear" spelled backward — is the "unicorn" golden retriever puppy who's been taking over the internet the past week thanks to her precious lil' face and, of course, her most unique feature: her single ear, which sits atop her tiny head like a unicorn horn.

    Shortly after her birth, Rae experienced an accident that left her with only her right ear intact.

    However, as she grew, her ear migrated to the top of her head, leaving her with this incredibly adorable look:

    "I rescued her after her breeder surrendered her to the hospital for intensive care following an accidental wound her mother inflicted on her at birth," said Brianna Voorhees, Rae's rescuer. "Once she was cleared to be released to me, I took her under my care."

    "If it had not been for my veterinary technician friend, Kate, and Dr. Scudders' life-saving surgery, she wouldn't be here!"

    "[My most commonly answered question is] that she can, in fact, hear," Brianna said. "We don't know how her ear canal works, but it does!"

    "It's been amazing," Brianna said. "I love watching her grow every week and come into her personality."

    So, in short, go follow Rae on Instagram right now! Fill your life with sunshine and puppy pics! Go tell her how precious she is!!!