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    Paris Geller From "Gilmore Girls" Was, Is, And Always Will Be An Icon, And Here Are 21 Reasons Why


    Gilmore Girls is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, so I think it's about damn time we all take a moment to acknowledge the best damn character on the entire show: Paris Geller.

    That's right, I said it: I think that Rory's enemy-turned-friend-turned-enemy again-turned-BEST FRIEND does not receive the credit she deserves, and I'm here to change that.

    So, here are just a FEW of the times that Paris Geller was, truly, the best character on Gilmore Girls:

    1. The time she had this iconic response to a ridiculous question:

    2. The time she was the exact type of friend you want/need after a breakup:

    3. The time she said THIS to the headmaster of Chilton when he assumed she and Rory where fighting over a boy:

    4. The time she was literally all of us at a party:

    5. And the time she knew how to identify a true friend when she saw one:

    6. The time she gave this speech as the editor of Yale's newspaper:

    7. The time she missed being asked out:

    8. And the time she said this right before her first ever date:

    Paris saying, "I can't date. I'm not genetically made for it."

    9. No, really, she wasn't ready for that first date at all:

    10. The time she identified with...Joesph Stalin (?):

    11. The time she entered the Gilmore home with a purpose:

    Lorelei Gilmore saying, "Paris, were we expecting you?" and Paris responding, "You should have been."

    12. The time she said this after her (much older) boyfriend, Professor Asher Fleming, died:

    13. The time she revealed she had a whole notebook just for revenge:

    14. The time she stopped someone from coming into a bathroom like this:

    15. The time she just wanted to study, but her friends refused to stop talking about Rory's personal life:

    16. The time she revealed why she doesn't sleep through the night:

    17. The time she reacted the way we all do when stood up:

    18. And the time she made a joke:

    19. The time she debated like a pro:

    20. The time she demanded more homework for a relatable reason:

    Paris on the phone saying, "Give me more homework, it'll keep my mind off my life"

    21. And, of course, the time she said this about Rory's Rory's face:

    So, uh, yeah. That's all. Paris Geller is the best character on Gilmore Girls....and maybe on all of TV, ever. We love you, girl!

    Paris looking mess and angry.