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The Cast Of "Paper Girls" Chatted About Their Characters, Music, And Time Travel During A Game Of Who's Who

"Time travel is a complicated thing, and any one of us could mess something up!"

Y'all, exciting news: the iconic comic series, Paper Girls, is finally getting the TV show treatment!

The Paper Girls title screen

So, to celebrate the release of the show on Prime Video, we caught up with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and played a round of Who's Who!

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And the cast seems to know each other really, really well! Honestly, you don't often see people this quick to the draw!

In the video, we found out who's most likely to win a game of ‘80s-themed trivia (it was a tie):

And who's most likely to hop on stage and absolutely crush karaoke (another tie):

And, of course, who’s most likely to be caught reading a comic book between takes (it was overwhelmingly unanimous):

So, be sure to catch the cast in all of their fabulous glory in Paper Girls on Prime Video!