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21 Hilarious Reactions To The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

"I wanna get wild." —Normani, but also the VMAs in general

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards were tonight, and y'all already KNOW that Twitter came through with some absolutely A+ reactions to the show. So without further ado, here are just a few of the very best:

1. This gauntlet thrown:

vmas: "we are the biggest night in pop culture" britney: hold my snake

Twitter: @godneyszone

2. This fashion lovers' dream week:

vmas tonight, met gala tomorrow… fashion twitter is ready and i would be scared if i was a celebrity

Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

3. This timeline jog:

vmas tonight met gala tomorrow the tl gonna be a mess

Twitter: @SAYlTLlKEDAT



Twitter: @4mnee

5. This unrealistic body standard:

So tired of stars promoting unrealistic body types, losing the baby weight this fast isn’t healthy @LilNasX

Twitter: @jelenawoehr

6. This invisible look:


Twitter: @burningredthr

7. This SZA savior:

me on my way to the #VMAs to open the red carpet and let sza in

Twitter: @arianashortpony

8. This reference:

Twitter: @Bestvisiontv

9. This incredible performance:

Lil Nas X really said fuck you homophobic people let me enjoy myself in front of everyone #VMAs

Twitter: @bbvafri

10. This meme moment:

Twitter: @angellspeak

11. This heat warning:

My phone after seeing pictures of Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox at the #VMAs be like: 🥵

Twitter: @mgk_usa

12. This acceptance speech:

doja accepting her award be like

Twitter: @dlaminibabe

13. This accurate reaction:

Watching Doja Cat give us a professional modern dance routine #VMAs

Twitter: @joshuachenault1

14. This perfect sound clip use:

Twitter: @naomiganstaglow

15. This marvelous moment:

they really had normani and teyana doing this on stage and expected us to move on?☹️

Twitter: @minaszns

16. This comparison:

Twitter: @paperssil

17. This "shock":

Busta Rhymes giving a better performance at 50 than all of these teens tonight. #VMAs

Twitter: @Footbal82765042

18. This quote tweet:

Ashanti later ....

Twitter: @KimTerriRose

19. This enraged ex:

megan fox: “give it up for our future baby daddies” kourtney kardashian: “machine gun kelly and travis barker” scott disick at home watching: #VMAs

Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

20. This apt image use:

Twitter: @suhnamjoons

21. And finally — this perfect prediction by Doja Cat herself:

ima host the vmas tomorrow and i’m gonna do a good job by accident

Twitter: @DojaCat

There ya have it! What did you think of this year's MTV Video Music Awards? Share all of your thoughts in the comments below! OH! And if you loved what you read, be sure to click through and follow your favorite creators on Twitter to make your timeline a more fun place to be!