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Dump, Date, Or Marry These Marvel Cinematic Universe Men, And We'll Reveal Your Type

Just lookin' for a hero in the streets and villain in the sheets (sorry mom)!

The rules here are simple: We'll present you a ~*marvelous*~ Marvel man who's just DYING to take you out (it's true, they told me!), and you'll tell us using our sliding scale how likely you would be to date them — then, once you've decided on all 15, hit the "I'm done" button at the bottom and we'll reveal what your true type is!

Marvel Studios

OH! And your answers are completely private, so no judgement here! Dump, date, or marry as many of these fine gentlemen as you'd like! We're all consenting, half-fictional adults here!

Ready? Okay, here we go:

Well, what's the verdict?! Which result did you get? Share in the comments below!