Here Are The 21 Movies And TV Shows Leaving Netflix In November 2022

    "Ugh, as if!" —Netflix at me while I search for Clueless, which is leaving this month.

    A new month means a whole new group of movies and TV shows that will be making their exit from Netflix.

    So, here are the 21 titles that are, unfortunately, leaving Netflix in Nov. 2022:

    Leaving the week of Nov. 1:

    A vampire attacks a man

    Leaving the week of Nov. 7:

    A girl holds a knife up to her tongue

    Leaving the week of Nov. 14:

    Donald Glover does standup comedy

    Leaving the week of Nov. 28:

    But don't worry, Netflix is also giving us a whole bunch of incredible new movies and TV shows. Be sure to also check out everything coming to Netflix in November 2022!