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Josh Brolin Got Jacked AF For "Deadpool 2" And Holy God Yes

"More like Josh Swole-in."

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So yesterday we got our first real look at Josh Brolin as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel, and he did not disappoint.

DeadPool 2: Your premium #Cable provider. #DeadPool2

Today we got another look at the soon-to-be-sidekick via a snarky tweet from the unequivocal King of Twitter, Ryan Reynolds.

Josh Brolin and I love to just hang out and chat between takes. He calls me his lil' Shake Weightâ„¢.

But uhhh... FR when TF did Josh Brolin get so RIPPED???

20th Century Fox/ Marvel Entertainment

This of course sent me looking for more pics for ~research~ and THOSE ARMS THOUGH, I'M HONESTLY SHOOK.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images, Jesse Grant / Getty Images

2015 vs 2017

20th Century Fox/ Marvel Entertainment

Of course Twitter definitely noticed, too.

@VancityReynolds Wow! I didn't even recognize him. Look at those guns!

@VancityReynolds More like "Josh Swolin"

Wow, Josh Brolin went full-Arnold for the Deadpool sequel.

It would seem #JoshBrolin took it personally when so many people called him "Tiny Cable" yesterday :P

And the sheer amount of Goonies references made it all worth it.

Guys, WHAT HAPPENED to Josh Brolin? Omgggg. Knew my crush on him in The Goonies wasn't unwarranted.

@VancityReynolds He's been preparing for 30+ years

While others felt Cable may not be the only one with time-traveling abilities.

Can not get over how Brolin just looks like Ryan Reynolds aged about fifteen more years here. It's ridiculous.

I guess between the gorgeous Zazie Beetz as Domino and the B-U-I-L-T Brolin as Cable, Reynolds is going to have to get used to sharing his dreamboat title.

Still counting down the days until June 1st, 2018.

20th Century Fox/ Marvel Entertainment

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