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    Twitter Is In Shambles Over This Video Of Jessica Chastain And Oscar Isaac On The Venice Film Festival Red Carpet And TBH, Same

    Clear your schedule.

    So a couple of weeks ago, we here at BuzzFeed dot-com the website took a look at the trailer for HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage and marveled at the onscreen chemistry between actors and icons Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac.

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    The TV show marks the pair's second time working together, having previously costarred in 2014's A Most Violent Year.

    WELL, this weekend, the first two episodes of the highly anticipated drama premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and the costars hit the red carpet together to support their show...then proceeded to cause an internet implosion with their off-the-charts red carpet chemistry.*

    Oscar with his arms around Jessica as they pose for photos

    Specifically, there's one short, slow-motion video that has caught Twitter's attention, which involves Oscar gazing lovingly at Jessica before intimately kissing her inner arm. As of right now, it's been viewed over 7 million times:

    I wish I had words for this but I really do not

    Edward Berthelot / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @christinalefou

    And 6 million of those views were just me!

    Like...look at them. Stop what you're doing and look at them:

    Y'all, I just — I don't throw around the word "swoon" a lot, ya know? But:


    Is it possible to win an Academy Award for "Best Red Carpet Performance" because if so, just give it to them:

    Oscar Isaac kisses Jessica Chastain's hand while she curtsies on the red carpet

    Now, it should be noted that these two stars are, in fact, married — and not to each other* — but this sort of stuff just goes to show how important off-screen chemistry is for on-screen chemistry! It's palpable!

    ANYWAY, the internet handled this whole thing by remaining calm, cool, and collected... JK, they lost their damn minds:

    oscar isaac and jessica chastain holding hands is my new brand

    Edward Berthelot / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @chstainferguson

    Some were quick to point out the sheer Morticia and Gomez Addams ~vibes~:

    Oscar Issac and Jessica Chastain in that video

    Twitter: @cinephilejen

    While others opted to point out parallels to another formerly red-hot promotional red carpet non-couple:

    lady gaga and bradley cooer walked so oscar issac and jessica chastain can run

    Twitter: @gagallure

    Like, sure, this is clearly a staged thing to promote their show...but just let us have it, please:

    people on the tl like "oh the oscar isaac jessica thing is clearly staged" ok so is porn let the girls have this one please!! god

    Twitter: @xtinatucker

    So, uh, yeah! There ya go! Find someone who looks at you the same way Oscar Isaac looks at Jessica Chastain's arm on the red carpet of the 2021 Venice Film Festival and don't settle for less!

    Oscar giving Jessica smoldering look in the eye