"Scenes From A Marriage" Has Its First Trailer, So Just Give It All Of The Awards Now

    Nothing like a little crying break on a Tuesday afternoon!

    So, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are two actors who have distinct spots on my own personal "These Are Genuinely Incredible Actors, Please Put Them In More Stuff" list.

    Well, it would appear someone's been reading my diary, because this week we got our first trailer for Scenes from a Marriage — in which they both star as leads — and, honestly? Just give them all of the awards right now. Seriously, check it out for yourself:

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    The five-episode limited series — which is a remake of Ingmar Bergman's 1973 series of the same name — follows a married couple as they navigate the harsh realities that come with falling out of love and growing apart over time.

    From the trailer, we know that Jessica plays a working mother, while Oscar is the stay-at-home caregiver to their child, which — since the short trailer makes a point to focus on this — is likely one of the many things causing their relationship distress.

    And it's also clear from the short trailer that Jessica's character is the one looking to end things, while Oscar's is fighting to hold it all together.

    Also, the tone, subject matter, and heck, even the color palette are all giving off major Marriage Story (2019) vibes, so I feel confident saying this is going to emotionally destroy all of us in a similar (granted, longer — it's five episodes instead of one movie) way.

    I mean, just this metaphor alone is guaranteed to give you goosebumps:

    So, be sure to catch the emotional roller coaster that is Scenes from a Marriage when it hits HBO Max on Sept. 12!