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    I Just Learned A Simple Trick To Thread A Needle Properly And I Feel Like A Fool

    Hi, I'm an actual idiot.

    So, you don't need to know anything about me except that I'm a simple woman who enjoys a good DIY project.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    However, anytime I attempt to sew anything, I find I am like a baby giraffe: equal parts adorable and incredibly awkward.

    Houston Zoo / Via

    So, basically, when I try to thread a needle, I look less like this:

    Disney Studios

    And more like this:

    Disney Studios

    Despite all my rage, I am still just a mouse untangling my own tail.

    But everything changed today when I was browsing Twitter (like ya do) and stumbled across THIS tweet from user @JohnBick4:

    JohnBick4 / Via Twitter: @JohnBick4



    All you have to do is rub the needle over the thread and it slips right in? THIS WHOLE TIME???


    Here's some actual footage of me, in my place of business, making this discovery and realizing how many hours I've lost threading my needle like an actual idiot:


    And I'm not the only one who is like, "WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?"

    MatthewACherry / Via Twitter: @MatthewACherry

    Think of all the days in the sun I've wasted sitting indoors, trying to get a string into a microscopic hole like an amateur.

    lsirikul / Via Twitter: @lsirikul

    So yeah, there you have it, in short:

    NaughtKnot / Via Twitter: @NaughtKnot

    Did you already know about this sewing hack? Does it work for you? Sound off in the comments below!

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